“Sir, this is a 747”

Yesterday I made it to Heathrow Airport plenty early so I could enjoy the Clubhouse, though I had an interesting interaction at check-in that didn’t phase me till boarding time. Since I arrived early, the check-in agent asked if I didn’t want to be switched to the earlier flight to New York. Nice offer, I thought, though I declined. She then spoke to her colleague, mumbling something along the lines of “well, nine less seats though six empty, so over by three.” I asked if they needed people to switch flights, and she said “oh yeah, we’re just trying to see if we can switch people around, we’re a bit oversold on the noon flight.”

Now, it seemed like they were only looking for people to voluntarily switch as opposed to offering any compensation, so I didn’t say anything further.

Shortly before boarding time I arrived at the gate, though noticed there wasn’t a 747-400 (as was scheduled), but instead only an A340-600. So I asked the gate agent if there was an aircraft substitution. She said “no, it’s the same plane.” I said “wasn’t this flight supposed to be a 747?” to which she responded “sir, this is a 747.”

You be the judge. šŸ˜‰

So it was nonetheless a perfectly pleasant flight, though the funny part was the uppity, over caffeinated New Yorker seated behind me — “wait a second, this isn’t my seat, this can’t be my seat. I chose 16A, that’s my favorite seat, it’s in the nose, now I’m near the bar.”

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  1. Maybe production problems with the 787 have been retroactvely affective previously delivered 747s as well.

  2. Believe me, the VS 346 is a much nicer ride in UC than the 744. Though 16A is unfortunate. More like 10A or 11A. or 5K or 6K.

  3. Having flown Upper Class over a dozen times in the nose of a 747-400…. row 16 is not in that cabin! What a silly cow for not knowing the difference between a 744 and 346!!

  4. well if I believe the Virgin website, I’ll be flying a 346 VS Upper Class..we’ll see if that magically transforms into a 747. ;o)

    So, Ben, sjs and any other Upper Class veterans, what seat on the the 346 or 747 would you suggest?

  5. I’ve actually never had an equipment swap on VS (and flown them more than I’d like to think about). On the 346 10-13A and 4-7K are the best seats, regardless of whether you’re traveling solo or en paire.

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