Singapore Airlines releasing A380 business class award space between New York and Singapore!

Singapore recently announced that they would be operating the Airbus 380 on their route between New York and Singapore (via Frankfurt both ways) starting January 16, 2012. This is exciting news since the A380 is a great plane and features their new business class product, as opposed to their current outdated offerings on the 747.

Historically Singapore blocks first and business class award space to partner airlines for any flights operated by their new product, though as of now I see tons of business class award space on this flight through the end of the schedule.

I see plenty of space from New York to Frankfurt and plenty of space on the through flight from New York to Singapore (with a quick stop in Frankfurt), though not a whole lot in the other direction.

So whether you’re planning on going to Europe or Asia, if this flight fits into your travel plans, by all means book it.

I’m not sure if this is a glitch or intentional. In the past Singapore often released award space only up until the correct aircraft type was loaded in the system, though in this case the A380 has been loaded into the system and they still have award space. The ANA tool still shows the flight as being operated by a 747, while all other sources show it as being operated by an A380.

So if this interests you I suggest getting a hold on a ticket ASAP, as this may very well be a glitch.

(Tip of the hat to nov11)

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  1. Hmmm. I’ll need to look into this.
    I flew the SQ A380 LRH-SIN inaugural (intentionally) in Business Class (23K). I can say 1st hand what a great product it is. The seat width alone had to have been at least 36″. 1-2-1 in upper deck A380 is enough said 🙂

  2. Does SQ allow same-day standby or change? Right now they operate two flights daily from Frankfurt to Singapore. The afternoon flight is the old 747 while the late flight is the 777ER.

    If I was booked on a business award on that the 747, do you have any idea what SQ would say if I requested to go later in the day? I assume no, but would love to hear others chime in.

  3. Ben, you are the best! Thanks for sharing. Snagged one one-way and hoping to get another one later when I get out of my coach-seat hell.

  4. Lucky – thanks for offering this up. What airline is best for using miles on this? I thought SQ had some sort of different Star Alliance arrangement. I’ve tried my dates for next July with bmi, Continental, and DL miles, and am not getting it to come up. Thanks –

  5. Just grabbed JFK-FRA-SIN! I’ll have to non-rev back from SIN, so who knows what will happen. What a rush to just book it…thinking to myself, “what the heck am I doing?!?!” 🙂

    I had these 74k orphan UA miles that I said I’d use on a unique experience…this certainly qualifies!

    Thanks for the heads-up, Ben!

  6. @ Matthew — No way will they allow it, unfortunately. SQ is as strict as they get, and they’ll require there to be award availability on the flight you rebook on and the airline that ticketed to reissue the ticket.

    @ tim — Continental is probably best so you can book a one-way using miles without paying fuel surcharges.

    @BostonFlyer — Call Continental, they should be able to book it by phone.

  7. I just put two seats on hold with US. I decided to make a trip of it by adding HKG afterwards and coming back on LH.

    In your experience, if SQ uploads the A380 within the next 3 days (during my hold), do you think that they would cancel US’ booking? I know that I should ticket ASAP, but I need the 3 days to figure other things out, and since I’m not elite with US, a cancellation down the line would cost me $300. That’s not terrible, I suppose, but if I’m safe then there’s no need to gamble at all…

  8. Hey Ben, thanks for the heads-up! Am I remembering right that CO allows 1 stopover + 1 open jaw on US to Asia via Europe itineraries?

    And if so, and I wanted to do a stopover in Europe, could I do something like SFO-JFK-FRA-FCO (stopover) FCO-FRA-SIN, etc… or would I have to take FRA as my stopover since that’s the city en route to Singapore?


  9. Thanks for the heads up! I booked a business award (120k) with my US Air miles. I’m going JFK -> FRA -> SIN -> ICN -> LAX. The last leg is on an Asiana 747 which I’m sure will pale in comparison to Singapore.

  10. So if I have a Sept 2012 booking that I’m outside the 337 day booking window on (it loads in 2 weeks), and want to fly SQ JFK-FRA, is there utility in booking as far out as the schedule goes, then changing the reservation in 3 weeks? I’m guessing not but just curious if it would allow me to do so since I already have a confirmed SQ seat.

  11. Since LAX is my home airport, I can’t psych myself up to go the long way even though an A380 sounds way cool.

    Now if they start allowing redemptions again on the LAX-SIN non-stop, that would be awesome. Did it twice.

  12. Thanks, Lucky and nov11! This is great. I finally get to make my way onto an A380 with Star Alliance miles

  13. @ CoGo — If you want to change dates there would still need to be award availability for your new dates. So to that end it really doesn’t matter whether you make a booking and change it or make a new booking entirely.

  14. Update on my prior post: I sorted things out and pulled the trigger. 2 business class JFK/SIN/HKG(destination)/NRT(stop)/FRA/JFK on SQ, SQ, NH, LH, and LH, respectively for 90K each + $207 in taxes/fees. Not bad for a day’s work. Plus, it’s the SQ A380 on the JFK/SIN portion (already confirmed, as it’s what shows on the SQ site when I went to choose my seats), the SQ new regional biz seats to HKG, and the LH A380 NRT/FRA. Plus, the NH sector is on their 2nd generation biz seat (not the newest, but lie-flat, not their old regional). 🙂 I have ticket numbers and everything. Still have to get myself to JFK from GRU, though… hmmm… That’s actually gonna be the tough part, as it’s Carnaval time! But I have 5 months to find something… I’m happy.

  15. If I did a JFK-FRA-FLR(Stopover)-FRA-SIN-NRT(Destination)-SFO would it be considered a legal stopover for an Asian award? If using UA MP miles I believe this would be 120K, but if I’m correct, this would be 90K miles if redeemed from US Airways miles correct? Thanks!

  16. i just missed this. by the time my amex points transferred to ana, the deal is over. flights are coded a388 now and only economy is available for reward.

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