Silvercar Now Has A Referral Program

…and will basically pay you to rent a car from them.

Back in December I wrote about Silvercar for the first time, which is an innovative new car rental service that has the potential to do to the car rental industry what Uber did to the taxi/car service industry.

What’s different about Silvercar

What makes Silvercar unique is that they only have one type of car — an Audi A4 — which comes with a bunch of cool features, including:

  • Free GPS
  • Free wifi
  • Free satellite radio
  • Free toll tracking
  • Reasonable fuel plan (if you choose not to fill up your car you pay the local pump price plus a $5 fill-up fee)

Furthermore, Silvercar eliminates the lines when picking up a car. When you download their app you can just go directly to the car and use the app to unlock the car.


So far Silvercar is available at the following airports:

  • Austin, Texas (AUS)
  • Dallas Ft. Worth, Texas (DFW)
  • Dallas, Texas (DAL)
  • Los Angeles, California (LAX)
  • San Francisco, California (SFO)

$50 off your first Silvercar rental

Silvercar prices are fairly reasonable, and start at $59 per day on weekends. However, through June 30, 2014, they’re offering new customers $50 off a rental. Simply enter promotion code AFF-FTD when making a booking. To add a promotion code simply push the “add promo code” button at the bottom right of the booking page.


With this offer, the price of a rental can drop to just $9 per weekend day plus tax. Obviously this offer works out best for a one-day rental, since the $50 discount applies per rental and not per day, and it’s only available to new customers, so you can’t use it multiple times.

It gets better — Silvercar has a referral program

What I don’t think they had back in December but seem to have recently added is a referral program. And if I’m understanding the terms correctly, this can basically translate into getting paid for your first Silvercar rental.


Through their referral program they offer first time renters (and those referring them) a $25 gift card after their first rental. This isn’t like Uber where the referral bonus comes in the form of more credit with the company, but rather you’re getting a $25 Visa electronic gift card which will be sent out within 30 days of the end of the month when the rental is completed.

In other words, if I’m understanding this correctly, if you’re referred you can make an ~$11 rental (using the above $50 promotion code), and then receive a $25 Visa electronic card.

To enter a referral code, simply go to the sign-up page on, and enter the “Referral Code” at the bottom of the page. If you’d like to use mine (which I’d of course be incredibly grateful for) it’s BSCHLAPPIG, though feel free to post yours below as well, and someone else can use it.


The full terms for the referral program are as follows:

  • When referring a new renter to Silvercar, the referrer as well as the referred will earn a $25 Visa electronic gift card.
  • $25 earning applies to first-time renters who finish their first reservation, as well as the referrers of those renters. Neither referrers of repeat customers nor return customers will earn $25.
  • Referrers and renters will receive payments within 30 days after the end of the month in which the rental was completed.
  • A referrer exceeding $600 in total rewards in a calendar year will be subject to IRS income tax rules and will be issued a 1099 form for tax filing purposes.
  • Silvercar reserves the right to change or discontinue this program at any time.
  • Silvercar Terms of Use apply.

You can’t really beat getting paid to rent a car! I wouldn’t be surprised to see the terms change eventually, but as of now I’m pretty sure my interpretation is correct…


  1. just happened to be looking for a one-day rental car at SFO next weekend, will take the free Audi over the $40 Chevy Cruze any day.

    Can’t see anything on their site about insurance though. Any idea about liability?

  2. Okay figured it out Total cost $22 ($97 after all the fees/taxes and the liability insurance, minus $50 minus $25).

    Happy to report back next week.

  3. awesome service. used it at LAX for a weekend and was thoroughly pleased. employee who checked me in mentioned they were doing great business and planning to expand to other markets rapidly. let’s hope so.

  4. Dear Ben, thank you for posting this. Good info. But now you’ve just opened another barrage of posts on other blogs plugging their own referrals, in 3…2…1… Maybe you should plug a link to the “unique content” section of your how-to post from earlier today. 🙂

  5. @ Lucky – FYI, Silvercar is no longer available in Houston (Hobby airport). Not sure why they elected Hobby instead of Bush.

  6. could the Chase car insurance replace the insurance SilverCar offers (to try to cut costs)?

    @John, I used your referral.

    For those who like to support loan burdened students: HTRAN1

  7. Well I was going to rent one for this Friday (and use your referral!) as I need to travel from Austin to Dallas for work. But apparently since I’m not 25, no dice. God I hate that arbitrary number. No accidents or tickets in 8 years.

  8. Great article! I just used you for my referral code :)! Thanks for the information. Do you have any idea how we can reserve easier, the travel dates seem to be really limited, any tricks?

  9. @lucky I am trying to rent from LAX. I was able to call and they helped me with the date/times, they have access to this information. They should probably update this feature so it can all be done electronically.

  10. If you pay with your AMEX, you’re covered and save the $28 for insurance. Please feel free to use my referral code EESCOBEDO1

  11. BYL I used your sign up code. Thanks! If you want $25 of your own use my referral code: JCOSOM

  12. Jay, I used your sign up code. If others want $25 of your own, please use my referral code: LESPINOZA


  13. What an AWESOME experience in LAX while using Silvercar – Highly Recommended. Referral Code below for an additional $25 savings:



  14. Neil, I used your sign up code. My first rental will be this weekend.

    Referral Code for an additional $25 savings: JSMITH18

  15. @Jason just used your referral code for 1st time using SC. Trip is in a few weeks.

    Here is my referral code for anyone wanting to use it for another $25 savings: JKATCHER

  16. Here is my referral code for anyone wanting to use it for another $25 savings: JKATCHER


  17. Thanks John, just used your code. So excited to try this out. The reviews I’ve read are great, thank you all for the input.

    For anyone out there interested in $25 savings with SILVERCAR, please feel free to enter Referral Code: IRODRIGUEZ


  18. Hey Guys,

    What an AWESOME experience while using Silvercar at LAX – the professional staff even picked me up curbside because it was raining. Highly Recommended! Referral Code below for an additional $25 savings:



  19. Hey Guys,

    Silvercar is changing the game for car rentals at LAX – the professional staff even picked me up curbside because it was raining. Highly Recommended! Referral Code below for an additional $25 savings:



  20. Silvercar is also available in Phoenix, AZ. I will be renting on Jan 22, used your referral number.
    My referral number is D3337B5

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