Sign up for Diamond Club and get bmi Silver status and 2,000 miles

Here’s something that keeps getting more and more valuable as the airlines continue increasing the cost of traveling with bags. British Midland is offering new Diamond Club members 2,000 miles and free Silver status, which gets you Star Alliance Silver status. Star Alliance Silver status gets you two free checked bags when flying on any Star Alliance carrier (including the airlines that charge for checked bags: Continental, United, and US Airways). Plus, this gets you closer to bmi Gold status, which only requires 38,000 miles once Silver.

This offer seems most valuable to those that don’t fly enough to earn elite status on another airline but can save quite a bit of money by not having to pay for checked bags.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. I’d be careful on this on this, as discussed on (you’ll need to head to the last few pages of posts).

    Recently there was a 4000 mile joining bonus, and people took advantage of to set up household accounts. Unsurprisingly, BMI clamped down, with all sorts of account suspensions and miles being deleted.

    Bear in mind BMI probably has a list of members targeted in that promotion – don’t be surprised if the accounts get suspended if something doesn’t add up…

  2. @Lucky,

    Is it possible to show your card to get the baggage fees waived, but accumulate the miles for another airline? Example: Fly united, use BMI status to get free checked bags, and also get mileplus miles? Thanks!

  3. ..just signed up. I’m guessing there’s a waiting period before the bonus miles appear and for the status to be upgraded … Great promo!

  4. I can’t seem to get United 1P anymore. I wonder if this is a viable alternative… 38,000 miles. That would get me RCC access, no? Does *S get you E+ seating on UA?

  5. @Uniter – It would get you RCC/PC/US Club access on *G, but no E+ unless you have a very generous agent….

    Heck – even with the minmal flying I do, I can maintain 38K without an issue…

  6. @kevy – Hardly. 4 TATL’s can sew up most of it. If you’re buying UA Z Fares as well, Diamond Club credits them at 2x earning too.

    It’s not just the initial joining, its the research around it that counts. See: which explains the math.

    Or simply – 2 x LHR-SFO = DC Gold from DC Silver. From a standing start – do 3 x LHR-SFO’s 😉

    Me? I fly in the back.. I haven’t got the cash to go to the front. Do the math, and it’s a $800 saving. $800 in my pocket and not one of the Star Alliance Partners….

  7. Oh.. and to close this up, the deal was pulled on Friday.

    Expect BMI to check it’s list… and check it twice, to find out who’s been naughty… or in a rare occasion… nice 😉

  8. Bummer! Both of us just received e-mails this morning from Diamond Club requesting 2 forms of photo ID for “security purposes” for this Silver promotion. Spoke to 2 different Diamond Club reps. and the story was the same. Their response and the initial e-mail leaves a very sour taste as concerns bmi. For obvious reasons, no one in their right mind would forward this kind of info. for a FF membership, let alone for anything else.

  9. I signed up for this and just received an e-mail stating that they would not honor the promotion as it was sent to only targeted people.

  10. I signed up for this and just received an e-mail stating that they would not honor the promotion as it was sent to only targeted people. Is this targeted?

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