Scored another bump!

Oh United, the love of my life! I’m telling you, United is the most awesome airline in the world. I’m supposed to be on a redeye tonight to bid double EQM’s farewell, but alas, I’m not! I was on the later of the two SFO-IAD redeyes, both of which were zeroed out before departure. Just for fun (or to torture myself), I headed to the gate for the earlier flight to see whether or not they’d need volunteers. The answer was a resounding YES. I was angry at myself for not booking that flight, since it was an option but I thought I’d have a better shot on an A320 than a B767. They took several volunteers. It’s such torture watching them literally beg for volunteers when I’m not on the flight.

I headed to the gate for my flight right as the gate agent got there, and after a few minutes approached him and asked if he might need volunteers. He responded “Ah, you’re the guy on the list going to Tampa? You want me to bump you right now? No reason to make you stick around here for an hour.” I immediately accepted, of course. He started processing, and I nicely asked for travel credits. He said “sure,” and said “I can do $400.” I nudged him and asked if that’s the usual compensation, and he responded “No, it’s $300 usually but I’m doing $400 cause you’re a 1K.” I was so happy to take a bump and not be on a redeye that I accepted without pushing back. I got rebooked tomorrow afternoon, so I even get to sleep in.

The one downside? “Hmmm, not many hotels left. I can do either the Red Roof Inn, Best Western, or Comfort Suites. Which would you like?” EEEEEEEEEEEK! I’ll post a full review of that stay shortly, especially since they ticked me off and photocopied my ID at check-in.

Anyway, I’m still a happy camper. 🙂

PS: I’m posting this as the clock strikes midnight on the west coast. Farewell, double EQM’s. See you next year!

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  1. Congrat! you are very lucky!
    hey that restaurant at Yankee Pier at SFO airport is well worth for a use of meal voucher, I love their fish & chips.

  2. I know Alaska is offering double EQMs through June 30! MCO is the closest station, though. What about Delta? CO? AA? Don’t stop until you drop! 🙂

  3. How did he know you were the guy going to Tampa and wanted to be bumped? On my LAX-JFK flight Friday they were begging people to VDB with $600 in travel credits and hotel/meal. They needed 8, only one took it, and the rest were IDB…

  4. @ first — Unfortunately it was closed by the time I got bumped. I’m not sure whether I’ll use it here at SFO or at IAD tonight for my favorite meal voucher use (

    @ MatthewLAX — Nah, I’m just lucky!

    @ Scholar — Heck no. I have plenty of EQM’s. I don’t want to be screwed out of any fall promotions which could mean more RDM’s.

    @ Eric — And I’m about to drop. 😀

    @ mike — I mentioned I was already on the list, so I guess I was the only one. I had myself added at the Red Carpet Club. As for your situation, I hope you were the one passenger that took the bump.

    @ hobo13 — TBD 😉

    @ bmvaughn — Nah, the guy was so nice and I just wasn’t feeling greedy.

  5. So did you get the bump on LAX-IAD the week before when I saw you in SFO on 6/8 ?

    I was almost, almost got bumped when I did the return SFO-ORD on 6/10 on the 2 class 772, oversold 20, but they didn’t need it in the end. 🙁

  6. I didn’t, unfortunately, but I did fly out the next day since they didn’t have a first class seat for me. Got reaccomodated on the three class 777 in F and they paid for my hotel.

    Yeah, generally over by 20 is a lot, but on a 777 it’s sometimes not, especially on a weekday.

  7. Good for you, which hotel did they comp you in LAX ?

    Was nice talking to you in SFO, wish it had more time, I standby for the redeye 763 LAX-IAD, got on, but not window exit 21A or J, end up in E+ 11F, with the empty middle, spotted goalie in the smoking lounge in IAD. The return 763 was horrible, it seems it take forever to get to SFO. I think I am not going this route again unless there is 3 class 777 or 763.

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