Save the date: dinner with my favorite flight attendant in San Francisco on Thursday, October 25!

It looks like my favorite flight attendant (who shall remain nameless for the time being) has a layover in San Francisco later this month, and I figured I’d fly there to meet her. On second thought I decided not to be selfish, since I figured quite a few of you would like to meet her as well.

So while it’s not confirmed just yet, the plan is to have dinner in San Francisco on Thursday, October 25. If you’re tentatively interested please leave a comment below letting me know, so I can get a general idea of how big of a table we’ll need. If you’re interested in coming in from out of town, don’t book your flight or hotel just yet, as it’ll be another week or so before I receive final confirmation of this.

In the meantime if anyone has a restaurant recommendation for a place that’s not too expensive and can accommodate large parties, please let me know below.

Would be great to see lots of you there!

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  1. @ Carlos — Until the world’s premier airline starts service to Tampa, I doubt she’ll have a layover there. 😉

    @ Blaine — Correct.

    @ Steve — Great!

  2. Aw man, I’d love to come but I’ll be house sitting in DC until Nov. while my brother is on his honeymoon in S.A. (which I booked for them using miles- thanks Lucky!).

  3. Aww shucks! would have loved to be there…the one day we had a student night event! =( should be a lot of good options in the city/downtown…depends of what kind of cusine you guys are looking at? Chicken and waffles sound good? =)

  4. I just might be able to come, and coincidentally I happen to be flying F to HKG a week later on a certain airline…..

  5. I should be in the area as well, and happy to be a wingman. On a side note, I was staying at the Parc 55 Wyndham about 2 weeks ago and ran into a Singapore Airlines crew. Unfortunately, I didn’t see “our” favorite flight attendant. Great Thai food in San Francisco — Osha Thai is moderately priced and nice ambience, decor:

  6. I’m a big fan of the Grand Cafe at Hotel Monaco near Union Square. Elegant and casual at the same time. Great food and drinks. Great age group as well. I highly suggest and won’t break the bank. Wish I could attend, but unable to. I’ll be looking for your friend on my SQ flight next April to NRT that I got because of you! Thx again, Ben..

  7. Ben – count me in… try arranging for a place close to the BART station if you can, just being a little selfish but honest enough to mention that :).

  8. I’m local and will be in town. I’ve got plenty of restaurant suggestions but would like to know the area closest to where you’re staying. Would make sense to be pick a restaurant nearby.

  9. I would recommend this

    Sushi House in Alameda

    It is a little bit drive from SFO. This is the best sushi place in the whole Bay Area (in my opinion, we have tried so many sushi places). I am from the South Bay, I would drive 50 miles to enjoy their sushi sometimes. It is not far from SFO, the price is reasonable. Trust me, you have to try it. Just you and her, noone else. The place is right next to the ocean. The place always has many people waiting for tables, you need to call in to reserve a nice table for a date, tell them that you will have a date.
    After dinner, you can have a romantic walk along the shoreline (take 2 warm jackets as well, one for her). Use google map, you can check it out
    2375 Shoreline Drive, Alameda, CA 94501
    If she’s Asian, this would be the perfect place for her taste.
    Their most special sushi would be: LionKing, BayScallop, California Roll Deluxe, Spider Rolls from their specialty menu. Have fun and enjoy.

  10. Going to be in Kauai and even if I wasn’t wouldn’t want to be a 3rd wheel. Have fun! Hope you can meet up with her.

  11. Man, would love to attend, but I’ll be burning the last of my Skypesos with a trip to Italy during that time. Hope you have a great time!

  12. I can’t believe so many people want to join Lucky on his date…let the guy have his alone time with her.

  13. Samovar tea restaurant has great food and tea, and I think you’d both like it if you’re tea drinkers.

  14. This FA situation is getting kinda creepy, (if it wasn’t already), no?

    Ah, what the heck. I’m in!

  15. While I know that I cannot make the date in SF, what a wonderful idea! As a regular readere, I have a good idea about which of your several favored FAs is to be the honored guest. It sounds like a lot of fun. No matter the final details, please darn sure that the honored FA’s meal and beverages are covered. What a wonderful thing to do. If her LO is long enough, I hope that you have an opportunity for a private visit as well. (No, not that… we understand. Just a quiet moment for you too to visit, exchange gossip and have a good time.) I hope it turns out a winner for all. Good and great FAs never get enough praise. Great move!

  16. How cool! Delurking to say I’d love to join too. Count me in if the number isn’t already too high…

  17. While they are excellent restaurants, I’m not sure if places like boulevard and foreign cinema are the right price point for this type of event.

    Lucky, you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere and good food at a reasonable price right? You may want to check out the Castro and North Beach. They’re not as overwhelming as parts of South of Market (SOMA) and Fisherman’s Wharf (which attract a ton of tourists and conference traffic) and usually a great choice for weekday nights. They’re also not impossibly hard to get to (short cab ride from the BART line and lots of interesting quiet wine bars nearby) and can handle larger parties with semi private rooms. I can do a little more research, but just want to confirm that’s what you’re looking for.

  18. Ooh From the comments above, OSHA (there are several locations) or Grand Cafe would be excellent choices!

  19. Ben I’m thinking about proposing on SQ F A380 SIN-LHR. Any chance you can ask Janesis if she has any ideas to make this even more special?

    Not flying for a few months so please feel free to email me any recommendations from her or yourself.

    I have the middle seats reserved and was thinking about getting the crew to put up a few pictures of us before we arrive (I would mail them or send and email) in our suites but that’s about it.

  20. Will she be bringing the rest of the crew with her so that the 30 other dudes that show up have someone to talk to?

  21. Oh what the heck, I kind of want to see what happens 😛 Count me in. I live in SF and will be around that weekend.

  22. It’s certainly not gourmet, but with as large as the group is getting, the Bistro Boudin on Jefferson mightn’t be a bad choice. It’s accessible, and they definitely have the capacity. They also have private dining space (and menus, but that might be unnecessary).

  23. Hi,

    Any update on this?

    Maybe it’s getting out of hand, and you should be left in peace.

    But I’m still in if it’s still on. Thanks.

  24. Yes, it’s most definitely still on, wash oping to finalize in the next day or so. Any local want to step in and maybe help figure out ground logistics? If so, please email me — [email protected].

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