Review: W Hotel Bed at home

Last November while moving I made the decision to purchase a W Hotel Bed. Originally I was going to purchase a Westin Heavenly Bed, but the W Beds were on sale and from what I’ve heard equally comfortable, so I ended up buying one. Rather than just buying the mattress it seemed more economical to just buy the whole bedding set, so I went with the Queen Pillowtop Starlight Set. It wasn’t cheap, though it seemed worthwhile so I wouldn’t have to buy all the parts individually.

I’ve received several emails and comments asking about my impressions of the bed, and I’d say I’m moderately pleased with it. I still think the Heavenly Bed is more comfortable (or even more comfortable are the beds at the InterContinental San Francisco and Four Seasons Seattle, just to name a couple), though the W Bed provides a good night of sleep.

I’ve only had the bed for around six months, so I think my major complaint is that a part of the mattress is already “springing up” a little bit (I’m no mattress expert, so I’m not sure what the correct terminology is). I’m not a huge guy and my bed gets about as much traffic as a Circuit City (think that one through carefully, it might take you a second), so I can only imagine it’s a bit worse for beds that two people are sleeping in.

Anyway, on the whole I’d say I’m satisfied. Would I recommend it? Meh, I’m not sure. I certainly wouldn’t recommend against it. I realize that’s not very decisive, though those are my thoughts about the bed. If I were to buy a new mattress and really wanted to splurge I’d probably find out which one the InterContinental San Francisco uses and go with it.

In the meantime, meet Elmo, my new travel companion. He arrived yesterday in tight quarters, though I’ll be sure his travels are more comfortable in the future. I’m just working on getting him a passport for our trip to Bali next year. One glass of Dom for Elmo, one glass of Krug for me, please.

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  1. Love the Circuit City reference! Though I think your bed gets MORE traffic than CC. Albeit only slightly more.

  2. @ StvR — Hah, I sent him to myself.

    @ Nancy — Dying of laughter. LOL!

    @ traveller340 — Elmo was actually born in China, so I think he’s okay….

  3. Maybe, just maybe…..the elmo and the lack of traffic are connected? 😉

  4. @ Denise — Nah, I’d actually have to get to second base for them to see Elmo, no? Then again, maybe posting about Elmo wasn’t the best idea.

    I’m normal, I swear. 😉

  5. I have the W Bed (plush, not pillowtop) + W Featherbed. I love it more than I like the Heavenly Bed!

  6. In my opinion, hotel beds are downgrades from commercial beds. Hotel beds need to fit a wide range of tastes and be extra durable. I like the heavenly bed, but it has nothing against my home mattress.

  7. Elmo eh? I travel with a Lufthansa bear named Sebearstian, he’s quite great! On the bed… I’ve got a heavenly bed, had it for about 18 months and it’s great. I’m a bigger guy and I definitely don’t feel the springs yet. I guess YMMV.

  8. @ DJ — I did splurge on the bed, though rest of apartment really is under furnished since I’m never home. Love the airplane panels though!

  9. May I ask where you got your bed frame? I got the one that comes with the Queen bed, but it’s just a metal frame and I quite like yours.

  10. pillowtop mattresses suck. The top gets a worn spot in it fairly quickly from your usual sleeping position. I paid a small fortune for mine at macy’s. Big mistake. Just bought a memory foam mattress from Amazon for $450 and it is much better.

  11. @lucky, do you rotate your mattress? I would recommend you switch the mattress from top to bottom and bottom to top every 3-6 months to allow for better distribution use across the mattress. This is what the manager of a major mattress retailer told me was essential to the life of the mattress. I actually think Pillow top is the way to go for comfort on a mattress, but each person has his or her own preferences. With regards to the Westin Heavenly bed, Nordstrom carries this bed, and they conduct a sale of 30 percent off on the bed every year during the anniversary sale(usually July or August).

  12. I dont like the W Bed. I have had it for 3 years and I feel like I am sinking. Not good if you have back issues.

    Need to buy a new one.

  13. @ chitownflyer — I haven’t, though I guess I should. Thanks for the idea. Just figured it was too new for me to have to do that.

  14. A premium mattess, that after only 6 months of minimal use is “springing up”? I’d say invoke the warranty while it is still in effect.

  15. lists “InterContinental Hotel Convention Center, San Francisco, CA” as one of their partners.

    However, I didn’t notice any statement of whether any of the “Serta Boutique Suites Hotel Mattress Collection” are exactly the ones used in that hotel or even which ones are closest.

    Maybe someone less lazy than I am will call the SF Intercontinetnal and post the answer.

  16. “If I were to buy a new mattress and really wanted to splurge I’d probably find out which one the InterContinental San Francisco uses and go with it.”

    Using the web page I mentioned in my previous comment, I contacted Serta to ask about buying the mattress used at the SFO InterContinental and received the following response. Keep in mind that the article I am commenting on is a year and a half old and that Lucky’s stay at the SFO InterContintenal may have been much earlier than that, so the hotel may have changed mattresses since Lucky’s stay.

    I have deleted the representative’s last name, just in case she doesn’t want it all over the internet.


    Dear Adam,

    We appreciate your interest in the Serta Perfect Sleeper Emerald Suite Elite I Plush Hospitality Mattress you enjoyed at the Hotel Intercontinental in San Francisco.

    I would like to take a moment to inform you that this bed is available for purchase through the Serta Guest Purchase Program. These mattress sets are not available at retail stores as they are built specifically for the hospitality industry. The following U.S. prices include the mattress, box spring and delivery to your home: Twin Set $900, Twin Extra Long $950, Full Set $1100, Queen Set $1300, King Set $1500 and Cal King set $1500. Your local sales tax will be added. All sales are final.

    Shipping includes environmentally safe disposal of old bedding (except in states where removal is prohibited) and GOLD service delivery, which includes two-person delivery. Delivery to your home will take up to three weeks.

    These mattress sets include a 10-year non-prorated warranty against manufacturing defects in workmanship and material (excluding covers). Please note, according to warranty stipulations you will need to have a bed frame with a center support for Queen and King sized beds.

    Frames also are available for purchase: Twin $45, Full $55, Queen $65, King $70 and Cal King $75.

    Please note the following:

    Bedding is made to order and therefore is non-returnable, unless covered under terms of 10 year warranty for defects in workmanship

    Cancellations (after 24 hours of order placement),refusals or replacements, not covered by warranty or claim, are not allowed and charges will remain applied

    Local delivery service will contact you 1-2 weeks prior to delivery to arrange a day and time (within a 4 hour window) for Monday-Friday deliveries between 9AM and 5PM

    Delivery service will deliver to customer’s room (within 2 flights of stairs), unpacking, set-up, removal of packaging and either moving of old bedding to another room, or removal for disposal

    At time of delivery or unpacking, customer, or receiver, must note any damage or an incorrect product by writing on the bill of lading and/or refusing delivery. This written documentation is the only recourse for filing a claim and replacement of product

    This is an excellent opportunity to bring these mattress sets, built especially for hospitality, into your home. This arrangement is provided by Serta and participating hotels to establish memorable relationships and satisfied customers.

    Please call me at the number below if you still are interested or have further questions. We accept checks and all major credit cards.

    Best Regards,

    Tammy XXXXX

    Tammy XXXXX
    Guest Purchase Coordinator
    Serta International
    P. 877.HOTEL.40
    F. 847.747.0980
    [email protected]

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