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This past Thursday I spent one night atĀ the Hilton Seattle Airport.

I now live in hotels full time, so you’d think I would be able to plan my travel well, but apparently not.

I had previously booked Friday through Sunday of this past week at the Marriott Seattle Airport, where Frequent Traveler University was being held.

Thursday morning I woke up and realized I didn’t actually have a reservation anywhere for that night, so figured I’d easily be able to book another night somewhere downtown in Seattle.

Nope. Everything in the city was sold out.

Like, literally.

So I hopped online, and the only hotel I could find with availability was the Hilton Seattle Airport. It’s located across the street from the Marriott at which the conference would be held over the weekend, so I figured it was a decent enough option.

This is a Category 5 Hilton HHonors property, making it 30,000 points per night. Fortunately a Points + Money reward was available, which seemed like the best value, so I booked that for 12,000 HHonors points plus $50 for the night.


I easily found the Hilton Seattle Airport and arrived at around 3PM. It’s conveniently located just off International Boulevard, with easy access to the airport.

Hilton Seattle Airport exterior

The lobby was large and felt a bit like an Arkansas country club circa 1998.

Hilton Seattle Airport lobby

The reception desk was located to the left of the entrance. There was only one associate that was working the desk, so it was about five minutes before I was helped.

Hilton Seattle Airport reception desk

The associate was friendly enough and had me checked in within a few moments. She gave me a breakfast coupon and thanked me for my Diamond status, and informed me that I had been upgraded to a “courtyard” view room on the second floor. I suppose I appreciated the thought!

She also informed me I would receive complimentary internet, and handed me two bottles of water to take to my room.

I took the elevator up to the second floor, where I was assigned room 1213. (I think the hotel adds a “1” to the front of the rooms to make it sound fancier).

Hilton Seattle Airport hallway

I couldn’t help but notice something sparkling outside my door, and as it turned out it was glass.


Hilton Seattle Airport glass in hallway

Hilton Seattle Airport room entrance

Hilton Seattle Airport floorplan

I have to give the hotel credit for doing a phenomenal job creating a consistent atmosphere in both the lobby and the room.

It, too, felt straight out of 1998.

Hilton Seattle Airport room entrance

At the entrance there was a closet to the right and a bathroom to the left.

Hilton Seattle Airport room closet

The room featured a king size bed.

Hilton Seattle Airport Courtyard View King room

Hilton Seattle Airport Courtyard View King room

Across from that was the TV and a separate table of sorts with the coffee machine and fridge.

Hilton Seattle Airport Courtyard View King room

Then in the corner was a mismatched chair with ottoman.

Hilton Seattle Airport Courtyard View King room

And across from that was a desk and chair.

Hilton Seattle Airport Courtyard View King room

The most modern feature of the room had to be that all the lamps had electrical outlets built in, which I always appreciate, especially given how inconveniently the outlets were otherwise located.

Unfortunately neither of the outlets in the desk lamp worked.

Hilton Seattle Airport Courtyard View King room

Neither did the outlets on the left bedside table lamp.

Hilton Seattle Airport Courtyard View King room

And neither did the outlets on the right bedside table lamp.

Hilton Seattle Airport Courtyard View King room

And I sure did appreciate the Diamond upgrade to a courtyard view room, as it sure was… tranquil.

Hilton Seattle Airport Courtyard View King room

The bathroom was pretty standard for a Hilton, with a sink, toilet and shower/tub combo. It featured the standard Peter Thomas Roth amenities.

Hilton Seattle Airport Courtyard View King room bathroom

Hilton Seattle Airport Courtyard View King room shower

Hilton Seattle Airport Courtyard View King room toilet

As an HHonors Diamond or Gold member you can have breakfast either in the coffee shop located inside the lobby or at the hotel’s restaurant, Spencer’s Steaks & Chops.

Hilton Seattle Airport breakfast voucher

I had breakfast at Spencer’s, and was joined by a friend that was also staying at the hotel. The restaurant itself was nice enough for an airport hotel restaurant.

Hilton Seattle Airport Spencer’s Restaurant

Hilton Seattle Airport Spencer’s Restaurant Bar

Here’s the breakfast menu:


As you can see, the continental breakfast costs $12.95, while the full breakfast buffet costs $21.95. So as a Diamond member you get complimentary continental breakfast, and have the option of paying $8.95 to upgrade to the full buffet. Okay, so I see where they’re going with that — it should be $9, but they’re giving you a five cent discount. Woohoo. šŸ˜‰

I asked if it was also possible to apply the $12.95 credit towards something else on the menu. The server said I could, but it would be an $8.95 credit and not a $12.95 credit. That’s no big deal, but what the heck?

Anyway, I wasn’t very hungry so just decided to go with the continental breakfast buffet, which was actually decent. It had fruit, yogurt, muesli, cereal, croissants, muffins, toast, etc.

Hilton Seattle Airport Spencer’s Restaurant breakfast buffet

Hilton Seattle Airport Spencer’s Restaurant breakfast buffet

Hilton Seattle Airport Spencer’s Restaurant breakfast buffet

Hilton Seattle Airport Spencer’s Restaurant breakfast buffet

Hilton Seattle Airport Spencer’s Restaurant breakfast buffet

Meanwhile my friend ordered a couple of things off the menu. When we got the bill they took off my breakfast.

Hilton Seattle Airport Spencer’s Restaurant breakfast bill

When we explained we had a second breakfast credit it was taken off as well, and we were given a check for $0. A bit odd, since apparently the credit was $8.95, though they took off more than that in the end.

Hilton Seattle Airport Spencer’s Restaurant breakfast bill

As I walked back up to my room I checked whether the glass was still in the hallway, which it was. Funny enough it was actually surrounded by housekeeping carts on both sides, though I guess neither of them saw the glass.

Hilton Seattle Airport hallway

In terms of the hotel’s other facilities, the gym was surprisingly modern, with plenty of equipment.

Hilton Seattle Airport gym

Hilton Seattle Airport gym

The hotel also had an outdoor pool, which was actually quite nice.

Hilton Seattle Airport pool

Would I return?

No, unless it was the only hotel available in town… which I guess it was this time around. For what it’s worth the Marriott Seattle Airport was much nicer, surprisingly.

  1. Apart from the extra points, is there any discernible difference between Hilton Gold and Diamond?

  2. I always find disgusting that customers leave trays with dirty dishes outside their rooms. If that is the case hotel should keep track which rooms ordered food and have employees walk around and pick it up asap. It smells and it is gross to walk to your room and have that view as the welcome card to the hotel. As for the hotel itself… well, it is a Hilton!!! No high expectations whatsoever.

  3. Recently stayed there. Location is great with good staff and quick shuttle. They had a great package deal: room w/14 days of valet parking for $223 total. Compare to lowest priced SEATAC airport garage for 14 days, with coupon, at $198 total. Had an early morning flight so the room cost $25 in my calculation, plus the HH points. Other airport hotels have such packages, but having your car in a garage is more secure. Ask the hotel first if your car will be in the garage (underneath the conference center) as sometimes they don’t have space.

  4. How did you happen to have visited an Arkansas Country Club in 1998? Wouldn’t you have been about 8 years old then? Not sure if you’re making fun of Arkansas or Country Clubs. Love your blog – but this entry seemed to have a relatively high snark level for what looks like an acceptable place. Yes, I agree the glass and the nonworking outlets were not acceptable. But the rest of the place looked fine.

  5. Does the MacBook Air on the coffee stand come standard or is it only for Diamond guests? šŸ˜‰

  6. Lucky, any reason you didnā€™t try Airbnb for a change? Not suggesting it as a default option, but when everything else is sold out itā€™s certainly worth a quick look.

  7. I know this is tiny, but it’s an annoying detail. Handing me two bottles of icy cold, wet with condensation water at check-in is a pain.

    I walk in with my rolling bag, a computer bag, my phone in my hand, and then I’m supposed to have a third hand free for the two wet, cold bottles of HHonors water?

    I prefer that SPG has Preferred floors – with the water already in the rooms.

    I know, I know – not important – but not very thoughtful about the realities of travel.

  8. @ Neil S. — Totally agree, and sounds like a minor detail but it really is a pain. Especially since you’re also being given room keys and breakfast vouchers, and need a free hand for pushing the elevator button.

  9. @ BigDaddyJ — To be honest not something I put much thought into before this weekend, though after a few people mentioned it to me I’ll give it a shot in the future. Seems to make sense for a stay of more than one night, though.

  10. The other issue with this hotel is that it is so spread out. I’ve stayed there about 5 times and I always feel like I need a golf cart to take me to my room.

    But it is definitely convenient, in terms of being an easy walk from the terminal rather than waiting for a shuttle, and also in being right beside the light rail station to go downtown.

  11. I have the same question as BigDaddyJ. When you are faced with this situation of less than ideal choices, do you ever turn to Priceline or Airbnb to find something that is easy and cheap?

  12. Hmm, the SeaTac Marriott was definitely nicer but didn’t get any free water, lol.

    Having broken glass in a hallway is dangerous so I’m surprised they didn’t quickly remove it.

    See plenty of room service trays outside the rooms. I guess people assume it’s the protocol.

  13. While I don’t have a problem with the review in general, I do have a problem with posting the breakfast check with the server’s name and a comment that she may have undercharged you. This kind of thing can get someone fired. Or she may be made to pay the difference. It was unnecessary to post these and is a bit mean-spirited.

  14. Broken glass can be dangerous – especially in a hotel where people/kids may be barefoot if heading to the pool, for example. Did you think to tell one of those two housekeepers or just let it go?

  15. Elteetrav & Al: great posts, completely true. Don’t feel too bad for him though. A few complaint emails to hHilton will net about him 50k points for the dissatisfied experience/stay.

  16. Hi Lucky, Thanks for the review. I’m interested in using the points and money option, but can’t find it on the Hilton booking page when trying to book the hotel. Is there a special code that I use? Could you do a post on this please?

  17. @ Victor — Points + Cash is actually on a space available basis, so hotels don’t always release the space. If you’re logged into your HHonors account it will automatically display if it’s available.

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