Reason #143 I’m pathetic: extreme couponing, airport car parking edition

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I’m mildly addicted to the show Extreme Couponing. Who knew anyone could get so excited about Ritz crackers?

Sadly the show is no longer turning into a spectacle but rather my daily life when it comes to airport parking. Today I felt a whole lot like this lady:

That’s right, I actually get a rush out of paying for airport parking. Specifically at the WallyPark Premier Garage in Seattle.

Why do I get so excited? Well the standard rate for parking is $14.95 per night, or you can do rooftop parking for $12.95 per night. I don’t mind a free car wash, so I go with the latter.

Then they have a 25% off discount for AAA members. That brings the rate down to $9.71.

Then even though they say promotions can’t be stacked, there’s almost always a promotion for third day free in the Alaska in-flight magazine, and they’ve always let me combine those.

For a three day stay we’re now down to $6.48 per night.

Then they have a loyalty program card whereby every seventh night is free, so if we prorate that, we’re down to $5.55 per night.

And best of all, Costco sells WallyPark gift cards at half of retail, bringing the cost down to under $3 per day.

Now there are some taxes, but in the end I’m still paying under $5 per day for airport parking. And the entire time they’re processing my checkout I’m sitting in my car literally giggling.

Anyone half as pathetic as I am?

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  1. i think it’s great to save money… but it’s important to point out that the people on this show often buy loads of unhealthy, highly processed food. you almost never see them eat any fruits or veggies.

  2. I wish the CLT airport parking had some sort of frequent renter program, but we still have some of the cheapest parking for a major airport

  3. “Anyone half as pathetic as I am?”

    Me me me. I save my miniature booze bottles from flights, refill them with Knob Creek, and then bring them on board and mix them with Diet Coke so I don’t have to pay $7.00 for a drink. Beat THAT!

  4. I’m totally impressed! It is really fun to do this once in awhile when you find a good stackable deal. But just don’t start stockpiling diapers in your basement when you don’t have a baby, like some of the Extreme Couponing folks.

  5. If there is an opportunity I do not mind being more pathetic, if that is what it is called. Hahaha
    I am a single guy and do not need loads of stuff. However, whenever I have time, I do all of these and donate stuff to a food donation camp, bethesda mission etc. I donate my staples free after rebate to my school district so that teachers can use the supplies. Makes me pathetic and super happy when I get to keep the extra points in my wallet.

  6. This describes me exactly. I get excited when a survey prints at Chick-fil-A meaning my next sandwich is free. Or when i get a free route 44 on my next visit at sonic with a survey. or the current $50 off $100 deal at Flemings where you get a $20 extra card for buying a $100 gift certificate making it $50 for $120. My pace is quickening as I type this!

  7. Experienced couponers do not watch the show. I hate when I walk into a store with coupons and some idiot wants to typecast me as an ‘extreme couponer’. I won’t empty a shelf for the sake of a deal.

    I save where I can to do what I want to do. I use coupons and discount codes for many purchases – including travel. But I also frequent good restaurants, farmer’s markets and specialty stores for breads, spices, and the like where coupons are not always available. I am not so addicted to coupons that I HAVE to use them, though a good discount does give one a rush.

    And I agree with Grace – CLT has the best prices around, so I cannot really gripe about not having a discount. The most convenient parking is only $7 per day. You can’t beat that.

    And PhatMiles, I am right there with you on donating. Staples double dips are great!

  8. Milesquest, completely off topic but do you get the $50 off $100 if you order the Flemings gift cards online? Never been to Flemings, and it looks like one great deal!

  9. If you are gone 7 days, rent a car at 15-20$ each way and earn miles on top :p BTW why do you even have a car? You’re never home?!?

  10. You forgot the 2% year-end rebate for Executive members at Costco. And the 2% that you probably earned on the credit card which you used there. That’s another 4%.

    And good grief — you missed an opportunity to put in an affiliate link for the SPG card to use at Costco! That’s an offense that could get you kicked out of BoardingArea!

  11. I fill the miniature booze bottles with the coffee flavors because I refuse to give Starbucks $0.60 for each cup of coffee.

  12. I drink a lot of soda (Coke to be more specific and no lectures please). I usually get my drinks at 7/11. I save my cups because when you go in the next time, tell the cashier you are getting a refill and then fill up your cup at the dispenser – I save money each and every time I do it.

  13. “Then even though they say promotions can’t be stacked, there’s almost always a promotion for third day free in the Alaska in-flight magazine, and they’ve always let me combine those.”

    Who wants to bet they don’t let you do that again now that you’ve bragged about it to the world?

  14. Had bad experience there. No rooftop available so had to wait 10 min for a supervisor to give me the price at checkout even though I made a reservation online that is bogus, you dont reserve anything.
    Best deal is Extra Car through 5-6 dollars per day, valet, guaranteed reservation, no coupons, gift cards, or crap at checkoit.

  15. @Travis Swanson It’s an AMEX deal. Go log into your AMEX account and see if the deal is on for your card. It varies by card. You make a minimum $100 purchase at Flemings with the AMEX card that you activated the deal with, and AMEX will automatically give you $50 statement credit. It only works on ONE of your AMEX card, so if you see the deal on other card, once you activate the deal on one of your card, the other cards will no longer show this deal.

  16. Not bad, not bad. The ultimate airport parking lot hack is just a pair of floor mats laid out over those retractable teeth. 10 sec & $0. =^ }

  17. Let’s see…Wally check….Rooftop check….AAA check…..Coupon check….Loyalty Program check….wait a minute, I am missing a huge deal by not using Costco! Thanks!

  18. I introduced a friend to the points/miles community. One day she calls and asks me “are we extreme couponers?” I said “kind of, we just get international premium cabin flights and they get Gatorade and toilet paper”

  19. anytime I go to starbucks and get an overpriced coffee, I wait until I’ve finished my coffee and nobody is paying attention to the condiment station. I then fill my entire cup with milk and enjoy a nice cold cup of milk on the house. Feels good to know I’m getting a coffee and a milk for $3 instead of just a coffee. I worked at starbucks when in high school so I know that the workers don’t care too much. Refilling the condiment stand never bothered ME too much at least….

  20. Both Starbucks and Einstein Bagles will let you use your own travel mugs and give you at least a 10c discount. Plus you accumulate drink stars for a free drink, plus your use your card with 2x restaurant points and it adds up!

  21. I agree with smitty. Whether it’s signing up for every credit card or buying newspapers just for the inserts the behaviors are similar.

  22. @ Paul — It’s not usually available online, but if you email me I’d be happy to forward a PDF of it.

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