Quick teaser from Singapore

Good morning/afternoon/night! I’ve spent the past 24 hours in Singapore Airlines first class, and all I can say is WOW. I’ll have more in a bit after I get to my destination and have had the opportunity to catch up on work, though in the meantime here’s a quick teaser:

I think it’s safe to say it was the best flight of my life.

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  1. Please show/tell us what you got the crew as a gift. Would be nice to see/know. Thanks.

  2. I like this post! I do have a question that’s semi off-topic (and I may find out more on your next post): Are you spending time in Moscow or is it merely a layover? If it is the latter, do you need a visa? During the recent release of SQ Award space, I decided not to book IAH-DME-SIN (even though I really wanted to…) just because I didn’t want to deal with getting a visa for a 90 minute layover.

  3. @ Denise — It was just a quick layover for me as I was also booked on the “direct” flight. No visa required!

  4. Lucky, I can’t wait for the report! Methinks, however, that you are a bit behind in your reports 🙂
    Thanks for all your hard work to let people like me travel vicariously!

  5. Am I the only one who finds this a little bizarre? While I can appreciaye the lenths Wong Chin goes to in order to ensure a superb flight experience, I have to ask: how much of an ego must one have to feel to enjoy this level of attention? It is beginning to creep me out…

  6. It is funny how people think “this is creeping me out”…I think they are all jealous of you:-)

    On a serious note, I hope she does not get into trouble with SQ management. You know, more stupid things have happened in airline companies! Then again, it tends to be mostly US airlines:-)

  7. Creep out or not, if I get a card like that on my flight next month, I’ll file a complaint with management.

  8. @Ken Y. You’re going to file a complaint with a management if the crew gives you a personalized welcome card?

    I hope you’re kidding. If not, may I ask what is wrong with you?

  9. A card that looks like a child’s ransom note with cut out stickers and cartoon drawings? I’m Asian, but I am not 5 years old, thank you. A handwritten note is fine, but please do it in good taste and have it reflect professionalism.

  10. These genuine acts of goodwill are amazing. Perhaps we should start it on a greater scale.
    On a side note about certain hurtful comments, I do recall that a majority of well-mannered and educated 5-year olds do possess the restraint to withold expelling words that may otherwise hurt someone else’s feelings or jeopardize their career.

  11. I have to “partially” agree with Ken Y.
    I think it is wonderful to get a hand written note from the crew and I enjoy “awesome” service as much as the next one, but it does seem a little like kindergarten project work – something you would put on the refrigerator.
    I have no doubt it was the best flight Ben has had but I cringe a little when I see this. Call me cynical.

  12. Did all F pax get the same; i.e. has this become a standard offering? I wonder why we did not receive this when my wife and I flew F HKG-SFO last month.

  13. @ Simon — Not a standard offering, this was just the leading stewardess’ special touch.

  14. Ben- Did you get invited to dinner at her house? You should buy her lunch in SIN, regardless. It would be a nice gesture.

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