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Which airline should I choose?

Which airline should I choose?

  1. PM1

    Hi Lucky, I fly the ATL-BOM route 4 times a year for work. I’ve been flying a mix of airlines and crediting miles to AA, UA and DL. Unfortunately, lack of strategy has led to not earning many miles and no status despite flying approximately 70k miles each year. 2 questions: Which alliance should I fly with? Which airline should I credit miles to? Nice to haves: Earn more miles, lounge access, more baggage. I’m required to buy one of the cheaper tickets in economy but no other restrictions. Thanks!

  2. brit44

    For now AA is going to be your best option I think (unless they go revenue based) just from the perspective of being able to earn miles off the cheapest economy tickets. If you fly UA or DL you won’t earn many redeemable miles but will earn PQM’s and MQM’s. Flying 70k a year will get you Plat status so free bags and main cabin extra seating etc.

  3. No Name

    Keep in mind that AA is running a fast track to Elite status at the moment.

    Might be worth checking out if you are going to to do ATL-BOM more times this year.

  4. PM1

    Thanks [USER=793]@brit44[/USER] & @no-name! I was thinking of crediting BA miles to AA. AA unfortunately doesn’t fly to BOM – otherwise would have tried to get ExPlat status. I believe Platinum on AA will get me double miles (2x70k), lounge access, extra bags and better seating on BA.

    The AA fast track to elite status link is dead. Is there any other promotion that I can sign up for? I don’t mind paying for it – atleast initially.

  5. No Name


    The link was for the targeted promotion.

    The standard fast track is supposed to be still live, discussed here

  6. Gaurav

    [USER=238]@PM1[/USER] it doesn’t really matter if AA flies to BOM or not… You can still achieve status by crediting your BA miles to AA. Additionally, I believe that BA mileage will also count towards your challenge so there is no reason you can’t get EXP if you are flying enough to meet the requirements.

  7. PM1

    Thanks [USER=79]@Gaurav[/USER]! and @no_name! You’re right. BA mileage does count towards the challenge, though the tickets I have will only get me 0.5 EQP per mile flown. Still my travel plans over the next months are sufficient to get me over the 10,000 EQP’s which is what is required to Platinum status. I am planning to call AA to sign up for the Platinum challenge. Will keep y’all posted. 🙂

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