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Answers (2)

United CSR meets flight

United CSR meets flight

  1. Anonymous

    I was on a United flight SFO-ORD on Thursday. The flight arrived early in ORD.

    On the plane, the purser (or “inflight service coordinator”) made an announcement saying that “a customer service representative will be meeting this flight at the gate. Please pose any questions about connecting flights or baggage claim to the customer service representative.”

    When I deplaned, I saw a rep talking to a passenger near the jetbridge who looked like he had just gotten off the plane.

    It’s hub to hub, but probably no misconnects since the flight arrived early. It’s presumably not some kind of special service for elite members since the purser made the announcement on the PA while onboard for all to hear, and the rep wasn’t holding a sign with someone’s name on it.

    Does anyone know why United would have a customer service representative meet the flight?

    (Also, what’s the difference between a purser and “inflight service coordinator?”)

  2. Brad B

    I occasionally hear this when flying and hear it as code for “don’t ask the flight attendant about connections or where to get your bags as we don’t know and it’s not out job”

    The guy probably talking to the rep was either a GS member and that was the GS rep coming to get him from the plane or he caught the CSR before he/she was able to make it back down the jetway. If he/she was in a business suit then it is probably a GS rep.

    In-flight Service Coordinator is the CO term and Purser is the UA term, so you must have been on CO metal.

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