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Answers (4)

Singapore Suites — 2C/D or 3C/D?

Singapore Suites — 2C/D or 3C/D?

  1. SeattleTodd


    Just made a booking to travel LAX-NRT-SIN in Suites! Is there a reason to choose 2/CD or 3C/D for two of us traveling together? I was all set to pick 3C/D (because 2C/D looked blacked out online) but the agent offered me both. She pointed out that 3C/D is right in front of the pantry, but then she pointed out that 2C/D is right at the top of the stairs from the lower deck. I noted that 2C/D also has bassinets…

    So, right now I’m holding 3C/D. This is our first time flying in Suites so I want to get it perfectly right. Is there a winner between 2C/D and 3C/D or is there no practical difference?


  2. thelongroadau

    Suites class is on the lower deck. The stairs are in front of 2C/D. They are almost never used by anybody, so I wouldn’t let that sway you. In fact, there’s a velvet rope across the top to stop lowly business class passengers coming down.

    Both seat pairs are pretty much the same. I would choose 3C/D, as 2C/D are the bassinet seats, and if someone travelling with an infant books, you’ll get booted and by then 3C/D might be gone.

    I flew Suites SIN-FRA-JFK. Both legs were the same 8 passengers, 4 couples. Two couples got the double beds (including my wife and I), and two didn’t. One of those that missed out was an old hassidic couple who looked like they hadn’t shared a bed in 30 years and didn’t care to ever again. The other was a young couple, and they kept giving us dirty looks from their separate single suites. Hope they didn’t pay full fare! I’d be pretty annoyed if I paid the asking price and had to look over at couple of chancers on an award ticket lording it up on the double bed.

  3. Taylor

    Hi Seattle Tod.

    I have experienced both. As thelongroadau points out 2C/D are bassinet type seats and depending on your status with SQ you could get bounced if a request is made for them. From my experience thou 2C/D are slightly more quiet. With seats 3A and 3F they are the only 1st class suites with 3 windows, so sitting in 3C/D it actually does enable a little more light in when the suite doors are open. they are exactly the same product and size but for me 3C/D always feel a little bigger, don’t know why it just does. It hopefully be a great experience for you and I would stay with 3C/D.

  4. Babydoc

    I am so happy for you! My wife and I are in 3C and D next month RT JFK-FRA-SIN. Assuming your trip is after mine, I’ll give you my impressions to add to the above.

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