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Answers (5)

Qantas or Virgin Australia or something else

Qantas or Virgin Australia or something else

  1. Anonymous

    Hi guys! I have a question. I have been offered a free trip to Australia by my work for December 2019. My job is letting me pick the routing, and it just has to be non or one stop. They are also going to be flying me first/business class. So after doing some research, I need some help. My home airports are New York and Boston, so there are a lot of options. I see that the fastest way from the east coast to Australia is to connect at LAX. My family and I would prefer to be on sky team or partnered flight the whole way. So virgin Australia from Lax to Syd, would be alright. But that’s the thing. What is the best way to get from the east coast to Sydney with the requirements above. We are open to Qantas, but we do not want to fly on a gulf carrier. Thanks for your help.

  2. rickyw

    If you are hoping for the shortest flying time, then flying from Boston/NYC to California, and then connecting to Sydney is by far your best bet. The Gulf carrier routings would be two 14ish hour flights, rather than a 6 hour and a 14ish hour.

    If your priority is SkyTeam, I would just keep it simple and take Delta to Los Angeles (it’s one of their premium routes – you’ll get a lieflat seat up front), then connect to Virgin Australia.

    I’d take Virgin on the longhaul over Delta for sure.

  3. David W

    Yep, Delta & VIrgin Australia is a great way to get there. The only other decent one-stop option is on Korean Air thru Seoul. If you’re open to other carriers and are willing to connect in Asia, Cathay, JAL and ANA are all great options, with First Class being offered.

    Arguably, the best way to get there in business class is probably Qatar Airways via Doha, on any aircraft that offers their QSuites seating

  4. Mikewarren1000

    Well as David said if Qatar through Doha is an option then sure.

    But assuming you are going through to LA i will just tell you having flown Delta One Boston/LA and JFK/LA 3 times in the last 8 months it has gone down hill. They have consolidated their food service and also you’re looking at a 767 or maybe a 757 (since you’re with family sitting by someone you dont know isnt an issue). I would highly recommend going United and go on the 4pm departure. Its the one 787-10 of the day. All decked out in the new Polaris. And the food is so much better than Delta, on this route at least.

    You would have 4 to 5 hours until the flight to Sydney on Virgin i believe. Maybe a little hassle to get your bags and have to go from T7 to T2 but i’d do it.

    As far as Virgin vs Qantas- For Business class Virgin all the way. However, if you’re talking Qantas First on the A380 i would take that over Virgin Business.

    The Delta flight btw to Australia imo would be good since its now Delta Suites. My issue with them is just their Delta One Transcon, its a joke now

  5. RTBones

    Delta – Virgin Australia is a great combination, especially if your priority is Sky Team. Personally, my preference for the long haul leg is Virgin rather than Delta (I dont have any experience with Delta Suites, however. I just know that my last Virgin Australia experience was amazing). Cathay via Hong Kong is also a good option though it isnt Sky Team. I realize you dont wish to use a Gulf carrier, but if I really had the choice (even though it is admittedly a bit longer) I would take Qatar via Doha.

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