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Answers (15)

air canada 787 or austrian 777?

air canada 787 or austrian 777?

  1. mattLAN


    i need to choose between air Canada 787 or Austrian 777 business class,

    * i will travel solo.

    i looked at lucky reviews and both looked great,

    can someone help me to choose?


  2. Gaurav

    If you like both then I would just choose based on convenience. I think Austrian is well regarded for food but based on Ben’s recent reviews AC seemed pretty decent too.

  3. No Name



    [USER=79]@Gaurav[/USER] make a very good point about convenience. Also keep in mind that intra-EU J seats are economy with a free middle seat so unless you areflying long haul directly to your destination you would end up with this type of seat part of the way.

    Austrian can be nice, problem is that the true single seats seems to go first every time I look at them.

    While AC is all single seats

    If you can tell us what route your are planning to travel we might be able to give better advice.

  4. mattLAN

    the destination is Tel-aviv Israel,

    with Austrian it will be via Vienna and with AC via Toronto.

    i usually fly with Lufthansa but i wanted to try something new.

  5. No Name

    Sadly VIE-TLV is a narrowbody route
    With a tight pitch

    Have you considered Swiss? They use widebodies on ZRH-TLV.
    Same type of seating as Austrian

    Think they and BA are the only European airlines to use long haul aircraft’s to TLV.

    If you are able to sleep on planes my advice would be AC since Toronto-TLV will be a longer flight and you would get more rest than on a short red eye to western Europe..

  6. mattLAN

    i think ill do AC all the way or BC inbound and AUS on the outbound,

    i will never fly with BA due to the ridiculous charge on seats (125$ each way).

  7. Ben Holz

    [USER=2008]@mattLAN[/USER] which is your origin?
    I would personally recommend you to fly Swiss since from what I experienced they had a very decent J product.

  8. mattLAN

    oops i forgot to say from where i’m departing,

    the origin will be Miami FL.

  9. No Name


    Depending on when you are traveling I think the daily flight from MIA gets in to late for the morning flight ZRH-TLV, which means a codeshare operated by EL AL. And those tickets seem to be expensive/double cost of Swiss own flights, and probably impossible to book with miles.

    And than there the fact that to do TLV-ZRH-MIA in one day would require taking either another expensive EL AL operated flight again or a Swiss flight at O-Dark-30.

    If you have some time for leisure and want to see ZRH on the way it might be possible to book it with an overnight in ZRH, but other than that the Swiss schedule does not seem to work well with MIA and TLV.

  10. mattLAN

    ok thanks for the answers!!!

    is it safe to order from: [URL=””][/URL] ?

    i want a split package they offer.

  11. Gaurav

    Safe in what way? They are a pretty well known OTA if that’s what you mean.

  12. mattLAN

    it will be the first time ill be ordering from a website that not belong to the airline.

    i wanted to know if its a known website and if it is safe to order from them.

  13. Gaurav

    Yes, priceline is a well known website. I have ordered from there in the past and would do so again.

  14. mattLAN

    last thing for now, you know if they provide a reservation code so i can chose seats and manage the reservation on the airline website?

    Thanks .

  15. Gaurav

    Yes. If for some reason you don’t get one you can always call.

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