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Answers (2)

2 of 3 seat assignments dropped on UA upgrade flight – what to do?

2 of 3 seat assignments dropped on UA upgrade flight – what to do?

  1. maui-jim-68

    Hi all-

    This may be off topic for this forum, but surprisingly there are few references to this sort of thing on Google.

    On March 1, we booked a one way 3 pax reservation using B-class with 30k mile upgrades to BizFirst on UA 916 from AKL to SFO. I went today to book a follow on flight from SFO so I checked UA for arrival timing and found that they did an equipment change (oh, and thanks for the notification on that one there UA! Nice) 788 to 772. So my confirmed seating for the 3 of us in BizFirst of 7E,7L and7K turned into 7K for one of us and nothing else (the 772 doesn’t have a 7E or 7L).

    I called UA and the agent tried to assign seats – no dice.

    She told me to just keep checking the website. That seemed lame. They changed the equipment but are too dense to figure out how to migrate the seat assignments? (Probably, yes).

    I really didn’t want (a) my 12 yo kid flying solo to SFO from NZ or (b) find all three of us stranded in NZ because UA oversold the flight after the equip change. So I asked what they were going to do – got escalated to the supervisor. Same answer.

    Was told by Res agent – seats will get assigned at check in. WTF?!?!

    Based on this lame answer I feel less than certain I’ll actually be on this flight. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to handle this situation?

    All I really want to know is did they over sell it and I am now screwed or are they just trying to figure out how to manage the equipment change (and really, shouldn’t they just have handled this themselves then told me for courtesy sake) – but they can’t tell me anything which is super frustrating.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s not uncommon for seat assignments to move to airport control when there’s a big equipment change like this.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about getting bumped off the flight — you have an eTicket number, and are confirmed in business class. The two-cabin 772 has more business class seats than the 789. Just check-in online right at the window, and you should be able to select your seats (and it might be done systematically before then).

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