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Just a weird situation with smoke on a plane

Just a weird situation with smoke on a plane

  1. Anonymous

    Today I was a flight. Specifically American 4938 an eagle flight from Philadelphia to Norfolk. I am just wondering if anyone has any insight.

    This is the facts of what happened. As we were halfway through the flight the flight attendant walked towards the back on the plane and asked if anyone smelled anything burning. At first I didn’t but within 10 seconds of him asking a smell that could only be described as electrical in nature filled the cabin. It was so bad I couldn’t breath. The flight attendant and an off duty flight attendant checked the overhead bins and none were warm. Both engines were running as far as I could tell. Within a few seconds of the smell becoming to the point where I thought I might die we rapidly descended from 20,000 feet to 10,000.

    But here was the weird part. After we leveled off the smell stopped and rather than diverting we continued to the destination (granted this is a short flight). What upset me I think more that anything was the poor flight attendant had to do all the talking. I don’t think the crew said anything to us. I get they are busy during but not even after the fact. We land and despite many passengers be visibility upset American did nothing. It was just the normal thank you for choosing American.

    So I guess a couple of things that came to mind

    What do you guys think caused this?
    Did American do the right thing by not diverting?
    And why did they act like it wasn’t a big deal after the fact?

    I think it’s possible a lithium ion battery was in the cargo hold and melted. What concerns me about that is why after the smell dissapeared did we just assume that whatever it was was done. I am surprised we didn’t land the plane ASAP. I mean there was a closer airport and you would think the concern of it flaring up again would mean that was the safest course of action.

    I mean I don’t scare easily and this scared the hell out of me. It smelled like an electrical fire. IDK also for a point of reference the return flight was delayed one hour not sure if the same aircraft was used.

    I am just more so kind of shocked with how this was handled. Anyone have any thoughts are can think or anything I am missing. I have though skin so fire away.

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