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Answers (8)

International power adapter

International power adapter

  1. Cole

    What power adapters would you guys recommend for international travel. Theres a ton out there and all have good and bad reviews. Which ones do you guys feel work the best and are easiest to use? Thanks.

  2. Gaurav

    [USER=1430]@Cole[/USER] I use this:
    and this:

    Works well for me.

  3. Anonymous

    [USER=1430]@Cole[/USER] — Depends on your needs. I use this one: [URL][/URL]

    I like that it has a USB port, so I can charge my phone as well, and then it also has an ethernet port and the ability to be it’s own wifi hotspot, both of which come in handy for me.

    But I’ve often wished I had more plugs, so [USER=79]@Gaurav[/USER]’s setup might be the way to go.

  4. Cole

    We would have very limited needs, mainly cell phones, laptop and my wife’s straightener and blow dryer.

  5. No Name


    Blow dryers and perhaps even a straightener is not limited needs, unless they can run on 100-240V you might need a power converter and not just a travel adapter.

    Also if the blow dryer can run on 100-240V you need to check if the travel adapter supports the number of Watts that dryer needs.

    Have a look on the spec plate of your wife blow dryer and straightener and see how much power they use and what voltage they will run on.

    If the specs only give Amperes multiply by the voltage to get Watts. A x V = W

    Cellphones and laptops are easy, virtually all chargers for these can run on 100-240V and they don’t draw that much power/watts

  6. Anonymous

    So personally, I would get your wife to ditch the hair dryer. Nearly all hotels have them, so it will give her space for an extra pair of shoes!

    The adaptor I carry is also a converter, but my flat iron also has a setting to switch the voltage, so she can check and see if hers does. That can simplify things.

  7. Cole

    Thanks everybody, the info helps a lot.

  8. Jacob McCarthy

    [QUOTE=”Cole, post: 13551, member: 1430″]Thanks everybody, the info helps a lot.[/QUOTE]
    I use this one, has two USB ports, only problem is it has a super bright blue light on it when plugged it, just put a piece of electrical tape over the light and it’s perfect: [URL][/URL]

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