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Marriott 4pm guaranteed late checkout?

Marriott 4pm guaranteed late checkout?

  1. Anonymous

    Think it would be awesome to have a follow-up post on the “new” Marriott/Ritz Carlton “guaranteed” benefits.

    I’m a frequent hotel resident with RC/Marriott Platinum and have not had good experiences with “guaranteed” late check-out in particular. I’ve reached out to Marriott/RC Rewards multiple times to clarify, and it looks like the benefit is indeed NOT guaranteed. There has in fact been no real change in their policy, as originally understood.

    Here’s a summary of my interactions with Marriott:
    “I am sending you a link with the Platinum member benefits. Reviewing it states when a benefit is not offered the hotel brand will be listed. Ritz Carlton is not listed for late check-out so according to the terms & conditions, you can request a “late check-out”. As with all hotels, it is subject to availability.”
    Me: “…I’m confused though – if it’s subject to availability, then it’s not really guaranteed? I thought it was guaranteed to all Platinum members as long as it’s requested at check in?”
    Marriott: “The late check out request would have to be requested before your arrival.”
    Me: “Ok so a 4pm late checkout should be guaranteed then if I request before arrival?”
    Marriott: “You should be guaranteed late check out up to to 4:00 p.m. when you request it before you check in. Regards, [rep]”
    Me: “…trying to clarify, what does “up to 4pm mean”? Is 4pm guaranteed or not?…Just trying to understand what is guaranteed because it doesn’t seem like even the hotels are clear on the policy”
    Marriott: “Thank you for reaching out to us for further clarification. The statement up to 4:00 PM is based on the availability at the time of the request. The property may only be able to allow a late check-out as late as 1:00 PM or it could have that 4:00 PM check out but again it is based on the availability at the property.”

    From what I’ve seen on FT, etc., highly variable experiences based on what the hotel wants to offer, but there is no actual guaranteed benefit. Sadly, I don’t think anyone has truly pressed them on the policy to clarify. Anyone else get a different answer from Marriott?

  2. Anonymous

    Ben did press them, and got this answer: [URL][/URL]

  3. DC-PHLyer

    [QUOTE=”Tiffany, post: 18050, member: 7″]Ben did press them, and got this answer: [URL][/URL][/QUOTE]
    Thanks Tiffany but I think Ben misinterpreted Marriott’s reply like most others who covered the initial announcement. To be fair, I think MR was intentionally vague.
    “Gold and Platinum members may checkout as late as 4pm if they ask” actually still leaves the “as late as 4pm” up to the discretion of the hotel. As originally thought, it will be guaranteed late check-out, but how late is not guaranteed.
    Every experience I’ve had (10+ stays since the new benefit) have confirmed that 4pm is [I]not[/I] guaranteed, only that it’s later than normal.

    I’ve also clarified with them that there is not any compensation required by hotels if the benefit is not provided because it’s subject to hotel availability, so it’s not truly guaranteed in any sense.

    [this is the same poster as above]

  4. Gaurav

    [USER=2041]@DC-PHLyer[/USER] I don’t think that is correct. I think initially there was misinterpretation but if you read that post till the end, at least Marriott corp says that the benefit is guaranteed. Now some hotels may not have gotten the memo or may be ignoring it. Hopefully they can get their act together soon.

  5. DC-PHLyer

    I’ve read the full post, but Marriott’s response isn’t actually as crystal clear as it appears. Won’t push it further, but this is multiple people from Marriott Rewards confirming to me that the benefit is guaranteed, but the extent of the benefit (what time you can check out) is not.

    I’m MR Platinum and want to love the new changes, not trying to Marriott-bash, but the Marriott comms team are the ones saying it’s subject to availability.

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for posting about this. Do you have an email correspondence you can share? Would like to follow this up with Marriott, but would be great to have some examples. Same goes for anyone else. Email is [email][email protected][/email].


  7. DC-PHLyer

    Sure thanks!

  8. Gaurav

    [USER=2041]@DC-PHLyer[/USER], assuming these are yours, hopefully it leads to a better implementation.


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