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Answers (2)

Citigold checking account offer

Citigold checking account offer

  1. Francis

    Hi. This is my first post, so I beg everyone’s forbearance. Anyway, my wife received an offer from Citibank, i.e. “become a Citigold client” and receive 50,000 Thankyou points. As I understand the “targeted” offer, she would have to set-up a Citigold checking account and maintain a minimum, $50,000.00 balance to avoid a $30.00/month service charge. Then over the course of two months, she would need to make at least two online “bill pay” transactions, i.e. pay a utility bill or credit card bill, etc. Then after the passage of another “up to 90 days” of time, she would receive the 50,000 point credit to her Citi Thankyou Premier card account. For example, if she were to set it up this month (May), make a payment in May and June and with the additional “up to 90 days”, she would receive the points in September. Put another way, she would need to “tie-up” $50,000 for about 5 months to get 50,000 points (or keep a lower amount in the account and be prepared to pay the $30.00/month service fee; total $150.00). After that, I suppose she could just close the account and move the funds back to wherever she had them from before.

    As I think about this, it looks like a “different”, i.e. non-credit card oriented way to get 50,000 points, an amount one normally only sees in association with opening a new credit card account. It seems to be a good deal, potentially a least. I know that many people do not have $50,000 in cash laying around but some do in an emergency fund, for example. So, why not let it “lay around” in a place where it will passively get you 50,000 points. Even if one doesn’t have that kind of cash to finesse in this way, paying $150.00 in bank service charges for 50,000 points and never having to worry about an annual fees and credit score impact seems to makes it attractive, i.e. a onetime chance to get 50,000 points for $150.00. Another approach might be to borrow some or all of the funds if one were to have access to a line of credit or a personal loan. Say one could get the money at 10%/year and could borrow all of it. The interest for the five months would be around $60.00.

    A long set-up but does anybody have any familiarity with this offer and know of any pitfalls or other concerns?

  2. Gaurav

    Just keep in mind that bank TY points are not the same as your premier TY points and will likely not transfer to partners. This wiki is a good resource:


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