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Answers (1)

VISA Infinite Travel Center is a Complete Mess

VISA Infinite Travel Center is a Complete Mess

  1. Dan Allen

    This is more on my very recent experience calling to confirm my 2nd night free using my Chase Reserve Card (Thanks Lucky for the link). I was reviewing my reservation and did not see that the additional night (for me, its actually the third night) would be taken off – as agreed in the promotion so I thought I should just call the 800 number that VISA INFINITE sent me. Easy Enough.

    I called the 800 number that was attached to the reservation and a young lady answered the call. I asked her if she could just bring up a reservation as I had a quick (I did say quick) question regarding it. This is a transcript more or less what happened:

    Rep: Did you make the reservation through our concierge service?

    Me: On Line

    Rep: Ok. Before I get to that I need to ask some questions.

    Me: Ok

    Rep: What Property did you make the reservation for

    Me: The Blah Blah Blah.

    Rep: When Did you make the reservation?

    Me: (Insert date)

    Rep: May I have your name?

    Me: Dan Allen

    Rep: Ok thats D as in David, A as in Apple, N as in November, then A as in apple, L as in Larry, L as in Larry A as in apple, N as in November.

    Me: Yes.

    Rep: And whats a good email address for you?

    (At this point I’m sweating because I know what’s coming)

    Me; [EMAIL][email protected][/EMAIL]

    Rep: Thats S as is sam, c as in Charlie………

    Me: Yes

    Rep: And whats a good phone number to reach you?


    Rep: Thats XXX-XXX-XXXX

    me: Yes

    Rep: And can I have the reservation Number?

    Me: xxxxxxxxx

    Rep: That’s XXXXXXXXX

    Me: Yes

    Now it gets fun

    Rep: Can you please hold on while I insert this information it will take a few moments but I will be on the phone should you need any assistance.

    Me: Ok (secretly considering buying razor blades for my wrists at this point)

    after about 30 seconds.

    Rep: Mr. Allan thank you so much for holding and being so patient (she’s young, little does she know). Can I have the last found digits of the card please?

    Me: its XXXX

    Rep: Ok thats XXXX

    Me: Yes.

    Rep: I have to place you on a brief hold so I can verify the information. Please hold. Should you need any assistance I will be right back.

    Me: OK ( Im thinking this girl should work in a fudge shop in one of those small towns you visit on an Alaska Cruise).

    Rep: Thank you so much for waiting and your patience. This is an infinite card. I need to transfer you to an infinite concierge that can help you with a higher level of service

    me: I just have a very simple question

    Rep: Im sure the infinite concierge will be able to answer your questions. Please hold.

    At this point, I am really thinking I was better off going to the local Liberty Travel to book my hotel’s.

    After less than a minute a young man answers the call.

    Rep: Thank you for calling Infinite Travel Concierge services my name is Scott. How can I help you?

    (You can’t this point I’m beyond help)

    Me: Scott, I booked a reservation during your second night free but did not notice the promotion on the reservation. I just want to confirm the promotion is attached to the reservation.

    Rep: I’ll be happy to help you (At this very moment I just knew what was coming).

    May I have your name?

    Me: Dan Allan

    Rep: Thats D as in David, A as in Apple……..

    I’m on the 30th floor in NYC. I could Jump and I would be so happy at this point

    Me: Yes

    Rep: What’s the best number to reach you?


    Rep: That’s XXXXXXX

    Me: Yes

    Rep: And how about an email?

    At this point it was either razor blades, jumping, or I was going to have to settle this.

    Me: Scott, I’m sure your a nice guy and Im also sure your doing your job the way the powers that be trained you – and I appreciate that. But it seems to me that some executive at Visa decided to make his son in charge of the concierge service training and I can tell you – its not boding well. My email, address, phone number are all attached to the reservation and I have a very straightforward question about the reservation I made. So, Here is what we are going to do..

    Rep: I just need the email for confirmation

    Me: Scott, hang tough. Here’s what your going to do. Your going to look up the reservation number I give you – which has all the information your going to need and your going to tell me If the reservation has the 2nd night free attached to it. The reservation number is XXXXXXXXXX.

    Rep: Ok, yes I see your reserved at BLAH BLAH hotel arriving on X date and that you have the second night free attached to this reservation.

    Me: That’s was easy. It took 21 minutes from the time I made the call to get the answer to a very simple question. I could have bought a house in less time.

    Rep: Is there anything else I could do of you?

    Me: No and I thank you for answering the question.

    What is wrong with these people? No-one wants to be treated like this! I mean I could call Delta or United and make a complicated plane reservation in less time. I recently leased a car – in all seriousness – and it took me 40 minutes. Talk about wasting time and being inefficient! What moron decided to make such a procedure and who decided to pay him oodles of money for his recommendations to create such a system? THIS is the infinite concierge service?

    My head hurts.

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