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Answers (24)

Sq on expert flyer

Sq on expert flyer

  1. Anonymous

    I am trying to search sq first and business class awards on Singapore and wondered what are the fare codes for these awards. If I search by f and j I find the revenue seats I think?

    I did one search and it seemed to melt and only try to search partner availability.

  2. David W

    Not sure if it shows up on Expert Flyer – Singapore Airline’s own search tool is pretty good for their awards. Furthermore, their awards are only bookable with their own KrisFlyer miles.

  3. MarkS

    Expert Flyer only shows inventory made availability for partners, which is scarce

  4. Mick

    THANKS! Appreciate the help. Don’t want to miss a saver award if pops up (I am waitlisted but heard it has glitches)

  5. MarkS

    Think of a real good reason you need to take the waitlisted flight. Call SQ. Ask the agent about the chances of the waitlist clearing. Tell them the reason why you really need to take that flight. They will forward your situation to inventory management. Apparently sometimes it works, YMMV (Didn’t work for me but that was LAX-NRT A380 first)

  6. Mick

    Thanks mark. Managed to just piece together San Fran direct to Singapore in business. And now Singapore to Sydney in first (not suites). Will have to pay first class points to connect journey but good fallback. I have a 12 hr period between those flights. Will I have to pay stopover fees?

  7. MarkS

    So you are on the A350 which only has business connecting to Sydney on a 777 in first. Are these 2 separate tickets? If so you can call them and they will combine it to one and adjust for the multi-class. No stopover fee, anything less than 24 hours. You get to hang out in the private room. (The A380 to SYD often gets first space and I think they have 2 at night). You can ask them to waitlist you on the A380

  8. Mick

    Ahhh no first on that flight. Makes sense now. May still try for the first from lax vi Tokyo. Not sure if worth the hassle. I’m on the 777 at the moment to Sydney with an overnight stop in Singapore. The a380 is at midnight I thibj

  9. MarkS

    Take the A350! And waitlist for the A380. Call them and get your fare reduced because of the mixed classes. They will tell you they have to get it approved. It will be. I don’t know the savings but it will be something. Then request the waitlist for all A380 flights to SYD within the 24 period of your arrival into SIN.

  10. Mick

    In the end sq can’t seem to link the first class award to my business class award as a mixed booking. They say it’s a fare only for travelers originating in Singapore?!!!

    Has anyone heard of this? I was happy to pay first class miles all the way to at least have some flights locked In

  11. MarkS

    Call again. That’s BS. The longest leg is in business. I have JFK-SIN in first and SIN-BKK In bus and it was reduced. I had a PEK-SIN – CPT where the the first part was a380 first and the Singapore to Cape Town was business. They adjusted it.

    And you should get waitlisted on the SFO-SIN in first on the SFO-HKG-SIN flight as well.

    Did you waitlist on the a380?

  12. Mick

    They weren’t particularly helpful on the phone. Tried two people. I can see the Singapore flight still on the app in first. Am waitlosted everywhere haha! Call center couldn’t give me a good reason why couldn’t link. Said couldn’t see the first clsss flight to Sydney and when finally found it said not for transit passengers?!??

  13. MarkS

    Try again. While I’ve had good success with SQ once I tried a couple different ones. Don’t forget there is a language barrier too. Just keep calling until you get it done unless you don’t want to save the points

  14. Gaurav

    [USER=2121]@MarkS[/USER], curious how SQ has priced fares for you with a mixed ticket in the past? Has it just been an arbitrary discount?

  15. MarkS

    Hey [USER=79]@Gaurav[/USER]. So you can’t book a mixed class ticket by rule or on the website. Let’s say you want a JFK-BKK and enter first class. The only itinerary that will show is JFK-SIN-BKK in business class, no first because they don’t fly first class aircraft to BKK.

    SIN and BKK have the same redemptions from US east coast. 110K for first. In order to get this ticket you would have to book JFK-SIN for 110K then a 2nd ticket SIN-BKK for an additional 20K. That is all you can do online.

    So when I called they agreed to place everything on a hold for me and they were going to get approval for the whole trip including SIN-BKK for the 110K minus 15% discount, 93.500. It took a couple weeks but they called back with the approval. So I saved 20K (not that I would have spent 20K more to go to BKK)

    The second situation was different, it was PEK-SIN on the A380 FC and SIN-CPT in business because they don’t have first class on this route. (its now A350 as well).

    The first class fare Region 5 to Region 10 was 97.5K or 82,875 after discount. You can call and they will happily put a mixed class ticket on the same ticket at the FC price.

    Booked individually it is:
    PEK-SIN FC 50K
    SIN-CPT BC 45K
    Total 95,000 minus 15% or 80,750 for 2 separate tickets.
    They put it all on one for me and reduced my ticket to 78,250. How they got there I don’t know.

    So in the two instances I got:
    The SIN-BKK leg included. The savings was 20K but not really because the fare I paid is the FC fare to BKK as well.

    The PEK-SIN-CPT multi-class ticket reduced by 2,500 points, over buying 2 individual tickets.

    Notice I got the 15% discount calling. I hope everyone gets it on SQ tickets.

    In Mick’s case it is different. I assumed he has a first class ticket all the way through. And when you total the BC and FC legs it is MORE than the stand alone FC fare

    I hope he is paying:
    West Coast – SYD: 140,000 in first minus 15% = 119,000

    Or if it is 2 tickets
    SFO-SIN 80,000 BC
    SIN-SYD 75,000 FC
    155,000 * .85 = 131,750

    He should get them combined for something less than 119,000 points. How they calculate it I don’t know. But it should be around 110K I would think.

  16. Gaurav

    Thanks for explaining. I’ve had no trouble with the first scenario you mentioned (SIN BKK) but never thought about the others.

  17. thelongroadau

    I strongly suspect it will be 119k miles. I’ve booked and attempted to book mixed class fares many times on SQ. Provided it otherwise meets the criteria for a single redemption, it has always been the full itinerary at the higher class. Every time they have been very very clear about this – no discount even if not all sectors are in the higher class. There may be others, but United is the only airline I’m aware of that offers a discount in compensation for some sectors being in a lower class.

    SQ doesn’t even refund the difference in miles if you downgrade the entire itinerary. Frequently you’ll be able to cancel, redeposit and rebook, though not always. For instance if you want to downgrade a mixed itinerary to be exclusively in the lower class, you can do this, but definitely no refund of the difference. I believe the same is true if changing regions to a routing that requiring fewer miles.

    Not sure how they got to 78,250 for PEK-CPT, I suspect you got lucky or something else is in play.

  18. MarkS

    must have been my charm LOL

  19. Mick

    So I am hoping to make it 119,000 on a first class price all the way especially as the San Fran Singapore leg is direct now. Haven’t asked for a discount but might try as no first class on the long leg. However sq still cannot book me on to that first class leg to Sydney. I’ve spoken to three people, one who had to ring me back. They all say because I’m booked into business they can’t see the first class leg to add. I’ve given up! I’m now booked onto the night flight via Jakarta but waitlisted on all the others

  20. MarkS

    Did you try to waitlist on a first class SFO to SIN (through HKG) then take the SYD first class? Maybe if you do that then maybe they will confirm you on the nonstop in business because FC isn’t available.

  21. Mick

    Might be worth a try. Thanks for the suggestion!! Prob is I own that business seat andnwotriednif they take me off it I’ll lose it. Unless they can hold it for me

  22. MarkS

    Don’t give up your seat! Just waitlist on a different reservation. If you can’t do it online contact SQ again and see if they will do it for you. Tell them you want the SIN-SYD in first and waitlist on SFO-SIN. Tell them if it clears you will cancel the other one. Once they do it, call back and ask them to downgrade you on the SFO-SIN to business for the same points. It’s worth a try.
    You don’t have to have the points to waitlist.

  23. Gaurav

    [USER=2121]@MarkS[/USER], I’m learning a bunch of new stuff in this thread. You don’t have to have points in your account to wait list? I’ve always been told that I had to have enough points in my account to set up a wait list .

  24. MarkS

    Sounds like I’m getting away with things you aren’t supposed to with SQ!

    All I know is I had a reservation from SFO-CPT for 80,750 on hold with about 70K points in the account. The agent gave me some time to transfer the points in. Then I waitlisted LAX-NRT on the website in first which is 74,500 or something. I ultimately cancelled the SFO-CPT, the waitlist didn’t clear then I held this JFK-BKK on the 70K and have since put in enough to cover. Everything with the exception of LAX-NRT has been on the phone.

    Don’t tell on me!

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