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Answers (6)

New here. CC suggestions?

New here. CC suggestions?

  1. romaitas

    Hi guys!

    Psyched to be here. Been reading a lot of the site and trying to figure out my system. I was thinking about getting a new card. I was wondering what advice you have.

    I spend about $2,500 to $3,000 a month. Living costs but also on work (film production costs). I’m freelance producer and try to put as much as I can on my card. I pay off my balances in full every month… Never carry a balance.

    I have great credit, 790 last time I checked. I travel once or twice a month.

    My everyday card right is Capitol One Visa Signature card. 95% to 100% of my purchases are on it. I have a Citi Preferred card as well. I never use it. I do have about 100k Thank You points that are just sitting there. I also have an Amex Blue card. I haven’t used it in about 7 years!

    So I’m at a crossroads because, after discovering this wonderful platform, I feel like I’m definitely not maximizing my purchases. I’ve read about all the benefits of Lucky’s recommended cards but still not sure which one to get. I’m looking at two options:

    The SPG Preferred Guest Credit Card ( Don’t think I’m ready for Business card yet).


    Citi ThankYou Premier Card

    or any other wildcard plastic that would be suggested.

    Also I should mention that I’m not really tied to any airline. Although, I wouldn’t mind committing to one alliance if need be. I’m NYC based.

    Any feedback would be super helpful!

  2. No Name

    What Capitol One Visa Signature card are you talking about?
    The Quicksilver?
    That seems to be just a cash back card? With just 1,5% back? There are better cash back cards out there if cash back is all you are looking for.

    I sure hope it’s not one of the Venture cards with so called miles?

    What are you primarily after? Points to use on airline and hotel or cash back?

    Where do you normally travel? Domestically or outside the us?

  3. romaitas

    Oh boy… It’s a VentureOne card. Wow I had no idea. Huge bummer.

    Airline/cash back. I just want to maximize my returns.

    I normally travel domestically. Wouldn’t mind going international more for vacation, who wouldn’t. =)

  4. No Name


    Airline/hotel points cards and cash back cards are not the same thing at all, despite what Capitol might have told you.

    For pure cash back cards read this article that Lucky wrote back in May.
    As a simple and easy to use starter card to replace that VentureOne card consider the Citi Double Cash, since it’s a no fee card it does not cost anything to keep long term.

    There are other cash back cards with higher bonuses for thing like grocery’s and gas, Luck list some of them here.

    Cards for airline and hotel points is a bit more difficult without knowing more about your travel patterns and where you want to go.

    Card product have different transfer partners and transfer ratios, which mean not all points are worth the same.

  5. No Name

    Also before doing to many credit card applications read these 2 blog posts.


    But if you truly want the SPG card for the signup bonuses, to day is last the day for the higher bonus.


  6. PhatMiles

    With a monthly spend of up to $3000, it is an awesome way to shuffle the cards and get good points.
    Since you don’t have any of the ‘trump’ cards suggesting you will be a piece of cake. I am not going to make the same comments as [USER=268]@No Name[/USER]
    If you can put down your travel goals like # of tix, Econ/Biz, Domestic/International etc? that helps for a directional guidance.

    No matter what, the CapOne card cannot be the greatest card. I would never agree.

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