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Lucky & Ben….Thought you would like the latter I overnighted to Arne

Lucky & Ben….Thought you would like the latter I overnighted to Arne

  1. Paul G Black

    January 15, 2019

    Marriot Hotels & Resorts

    Mr. Arnie Sorenson

    [B]Marriott International [/B]

    10400 Fernwood Road
    Bethesda, Maryland 20817

    Mr. Sorenson

    My name is Paul Black and we have met in the 80’s in Salt Lake. I am a 6 time CEO of publicly traded companies as a turn- around CEO whose primary job was to fix medium to large public or private companies that were broken in one or many ways.

    Over the past 35 years I have been a very loyal Starwood and Marriott frequent guest and have held top status with both.

    While SPG has always been far superior to Marriott in every way in my opinion

    Again, as I was a detailed troubleshooter as CEO so I notice everything… Design, employee attitude, lightbulbs out…etc.

    I must say that since the merger/take over of SPG by Marriott, I have never seen and would have never thought [I]such poor planning, execution[/I], [I]decsion making would even be possible by such a major corporation.[/I]

    You have for 9 months and continue… to create nightmares for your members who contribute the largest frequency of stays and revenue to your brand. The only logic that I can imagine is that Hilton management is actually orchestrating this transition for you. Website dysfunction at all levels…wrong stats, missing info on reservations, slow to post, slow to refund cancellations. Causing financial monitoring headaches for your customers… on and on. Website functionality is down often (no doubt trying to fix your messes) How many months down the road are we…6-8-10…

    If your IT/WEB management team was behind this you should fire the top tier!


    How bad is it… Your terrible execution and switch over disasters, web, points and status balances, etc. are horrible… BUT then you go ahead and confuse the members on their 2019 award benefits, make them worse or more costly, but there are more…

    The Marriott cookie cutter mechanical management style forced onto the SPG people is further harmful to your overall brand. Suggest you introduce a new mantra for the next few years… CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT…

    It really is incredible. This will surely go down in history as the WORST acquisition merge effort in corporate history.

    You’ve acquired a well-oiled machine (from members perspective) catering to higher-class members (SPG) and attacked it at its base. SELF-DISTRUCTIVE comes to mind. So does “Tripping over the dollars to save the pennies.”

    Your work appears to be an effort to RETRAIN the great service expectations held of SPG management to the just cookie cutter hard face attitude of Marriott brands.

    You see, All the SPG guests/members you bought in SPG…They disliked Marriott. (Or certainly stayed away instead choosing SPG)

    That’s why they were SPG as their first choice and not any Marriott brand.

    Whose brilliant idea was it to buy them? Then force them into their enemy’s arms and expect them to stay??? When first announced I was talking to a 5 star SPG GM in Asia, we were hoping that Marriott would transition it’s 5 star brands to SPG management. Leaving the low to middle end props to Marriott.

    It’s kind of like when Delta Bought Pan Am… Delta had the best people…it bit more than it could chew and merged all crew seniority, fired based on that.. wound up with the most unhappy beaten up, disgrunteled ex Pan Am crews in the air.

    Hilton Diamond is growing and thanking you daily.

    Heads should roll…and you should REPAY your High status members. Especially SPG a HUGE bonus plan for 2 years to apologize for your actions.

    I am due to become a Lifetime Platinum Plus Elite Premiere. (Could you have chopped up the platinum program into more little piece)? And now. In my 10thyear after monitoring, working harder, travelling harder to achieve my lifetime Plat…I get Marriott. All indications thus far… I feel taken.

    Please have a manager with some authority contact me to clean up my account, apologize in a MEANINGFUL way as well. Why…I have choices. And I feel UN loved and taken for granted. I am the customer and my money is going to you….

    I owe you money and you owe me respect and great service. One of us is not delivering as promised.

    Oh, I also happen to own ResortReport, (a five star and above secret shopper service for hospitality /resort hotel operators…[URL=””][/URL]) and I think you need my services AT YOUR HQ!

    Paul G Black

    Old Acct #’s



    You figure out the new ones.

    Thanks again for eliminating my memorized 10-year member numbers to complicate it further with a new acct number.

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