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Answers (12)

Lost on how to get my voucher for an airline canceled flight

Lost on how to get my voucher for an airline canceled flight

  1. Robert H Olson

    I booked a flight with double miles promotion onto delta vacations. it was about 200K Miles for a $4000 value.

    coronavirus canceled the trip and i was given a Voucher for $4000 to rebook another vacation.

    I rebooked to another location at a later date. the delta partner airline stopped flying to my destination so delta canceled my flight,
    I called and talked and they said they would refund the voucher back to me.
    Something happened on their end and it got converted back to the 200K skymiles. (Happened august 11th 2020)
    i was told that this was not their policy and i should have received a new voucher.

    Everytime i called i was told i had a voucher coming, and to call back in a few weeks until this most recent time. (November 12th 2020)
    i ended up talking to someone from accounting i believe, they said they had no way to create a new voucher or take the miles back out of my account. and they would have a manager call me back that night or in the morning.

    i never got a call and i am frustrated to the point im not sure what to do.
    I am a platinum medallion who has the delta reserve and delta gold card. yet the normal delta customer service has not been able to help because it has to be handled by the vacations group. and since i never got the call i am going to have to wait till Monday to try again.

  2. rickyw

    Not the best advice here, but I’d recommend to just continue pushing and trying. Throughout the pandemic, I’ve had to work with American on three separate cancelled trips. First one was easy, they deposited the miles back into my account quickly. Second one was for a cash flight originating in Europe, so I was originally told my credit had to be used for a flight starting in Europe. That obviously wasn’t practical given travel restrictions, but I kept pushing and after 3-4 requests (from phone calls, to customer service emails to playing dumb and putting a domestic flight on hold and calling in to use the credit), they finally worked with me. I now have the full value of my flight credit that was originally in Euros that only I could use (I had to be the one travelling), to a gift voucher in USD that I can use on any flight for any passenger. Third was similar to the second, just not the international piece, where I eventually had American issue me a voucher rather than a travel credit, which was too limited in use.

    Long story short… keep pressing and being polite. I’ve been very impressed with customer service reps throughout all this, even if it takes longer than ideal.

  3. Robert H Olson


    I received this email.

    “I spoke with my manager about the skymiles redeposit you received instead of a voucher. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do. Delta advised us after you received the first voucher, that if customers paid with miles during the double miles promotion, any refund would be in the form of miles. I apologize that you were told otherwise and in fact issued a voucher. Due to the misinformation, I will be sending you a 200 voucher for the misinformation you received. You should get this via email within a day or so.”

    I don’t feel like this is satisfactory because if I didn’t spend the voucher I would still have it. I didn’t cancel the flight they did. I don’t see how they can refund me with miles for that flight other than the voucher that was used to purchase that trip.

  4. rickyw

    Hey Robert, sorry for your frustration. I know I replied earlier, but just making sure I understand. You booked a vacation for 200,000 Skymiles, and now have the 200,000 miles back plus a $200 voucher? Are you not able to book another vacation for 200,000 miles? I know Delta has variable pricing, but it seems like you’re whole?

  5. Robert H Olson

    My issue is when I booked originally it was a 2 for 1 miles promotion. I essentially got a $0.02 value per mile.

    After the first flight was refunded they gave me a voucher for the value.

    That $4,000 voucher was used to purchase the flight that they ended up canceling. Instead of giving me the $4,000 voucher back they gave me 200,000 SkyMiles again. I don’t believe they should be able to refund me in SkyMiles for a flight that was paid for with a voucher.especially when I wasn’t planning on canceling the flight, Delta canceled it because their partner airline stopped flying to the destination.

    With a $200 voucher and 200,000 SkyMiles I could book a vacation for $2,200. Where The vacation they canceled was $4,000

    If they started flying to the destination again and I wanted to book the same package I would have to pay another $1,800.

  6. Robert H Olson

    This was the payment made for the vacation where I was refunded 200K miles and the $48.05 on the American express card


  7. Robert H Olson

    For the trip i paid with a Gift card ^ See above. this is what i found on delta’s website.
    im confused on why they think this doesnt apply for me.

    i am going to try calling again after work to see where i get.


  8. rickyw

    Gotcha. Sorry, I was confused. Yeah, I’d keep calling. Not sure what else you could do. As long as you’re being polite, could also just play dumb and say you had a trip cancelled that was paid with a $4,000 voucher and you are confused why you got 200,000 miles back. The phone agent doesn’t need to know that you have a specific point/cent value in mind. Eventually bound to get a friendly agent who can help! Good luck

  9. MidSouthSkier

    You may also want to write a brief, polite letter to the Delta contacts found on Chris Elliott’s site, [URL][/URL]

    That way you can include attachments. Always start with the first name on the list (which will be a lower-level person/department) and give them sufficient time to reply before moving on to the next name on the list.

  10. rickyw

    MidSouth’s advice is great too. Sorry I was hesitant to share the Elliott link. I have too much faith in front-line agents sometimes 🙂

  11. Robert H Olson

    Normally I love calling to the Delta agents and they always fix everything, I think the issue is I have to call the Delta vacations specialists and they seem that they don’t have the ability or authority to fix this.

    I tried calling the elite member line a few times but they say they cannot look at or change anything that has to do with Delta vacations.

    It is also kind of a pain to call them because they do not have the automatic callback.

    I sent an email to the first contact on the list and I will wait a few days to see if I get a reply.

  12. Robert H Olson

    I was able to get this resolved today with the first contact on that list. I was given the option to keep the 200k sky miles and get an additional $2,000 voucher or have them remove it and give me a $4,000 voucher.

    I am not sure which option would have been a better deal, I chose to get the $2,000 voucher and keep the sky miles.

    Thank you guys for the help

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