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Answers (5)

Forgot to put middlename in ticket but it’s mentioned in given name on passport

Forgot to put middlename in ticket but it’s mentioned in given name on passport

  1. Anonymous

    I booked a flight with Qatar Airways from AMD to SJC, involving American airline from LAX to SJC. I forgot to put my middle name on the ticket. While it is mentioned in the “Given Name” field of my passport. I spoke to the agents and they said not to worry if the middle name is missing but cancel the ticket if it is mentioned in my given name field of passport. What should I do?

  2. Jay333

    I booked a Qatar Airways flight going from AMD to SJC with layovers in DOH and LAX. American Airlines is involved from LAX to SJC. My passport has “Given name ” field and the surname field. In my passport, my given name is firstname middlename. But I forgot to put my middlename in booking. the customer care said I will have to cancel my booking and rebook the flight. Since I am a student, the cancellation charge will affect me a lot. Need advise.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi [USER=4411]@Jay333[/USER], and welcome! I wouldn’t worry about this, personally. Most airline tickets don’t print middle names anyway — I have two middle names, and usually don’t add them to my ticket. Occasionally JAL or Cathay Pacific will insist on having it, but they’ll add it without you needing to rebook the ticket.

    More here: [URL][/URL]

  4. Owen

    Hi Jay,
    I wouldn’t worry at all. I am a passenger service agent, and things like this happen all the time. As long as the first and last name are the same on the ticket and the reservation, it’ll be all good To calm your nerves, we recently had a passenger who added her email instead of her last name onto her ticket (so her name was Tina [email][email protected][/email] for example). Yet she was still able to travel after getting the name switched by our ticketing desk.

  5. dh1234

    I did the same thing. :-/ I booked an 2 person ANA F partner award itinerary via KrisFlyer. The other passenger has the full middle name on the ticket but my own name is just LAST/FIRST TITLE because it comes from the SIA account info and you can’t override what you entered when you created your account (which just asks for FIRST / LAST not middle — so you had to have the foresight to enter FIRST as FIRST MIDDLE).

    I called ANA to provide passport info but they wouldn’t accept it because the middle name wasn’t present and insisted I had to get the ticket reissued with a name change. This is seriously stressing me out since the ANA phone rep was adamant.

    After that I discovered I could actually enter my middle name in the blank “middle name” field when viewing the passport / secure flight data on the ANA website, so it appears there now. This is for a flight that is very far out. What are the chances I show up at the first class check-in for this flight and they will turn me away? Should I try to get Singapore to reissue the award?

    Funny enough I’ve flown ANA F class in 2014 on a United revenue ticket and sure enough my ticket then was LAST/FIRST TITLE w/o middle because my United FF account also doesn’t have a middle name in it. Also I’ve flown several award tickets on SIA with this same info because it’s been like this since I created my account.

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