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Answers (6)

flight to sydney

flight to sydney

  1. Anonymous

    My first ever flight and I’m going to Sydney !! Can you explain how the boarding process works please I’m flying BACK to Hong Kong 4 hour wait then Quanta to Sydney ( all booked through 1 agent and have 1 booking number) do I have to rebook in at Hong Kong and be issued with another boarding pass or do I get everything when booking in at Heathrow? Also do I book a lounge so I can freshen up .thanks ,,,so glad I have found this site I’m a pensioner who’s a bit thick lol

  2. Anonymous

    Hi 1st thanks for letting me join group I’m going to need soon much help lol ….1st time flying and I’m going to Sydney to see my grandchildren, ,,I’ve booked a flight wit BA to Hong Kong then Quantas to Sydney can you explain the connection process please ,do I have to book in again at Hong Kong? Do I use the same boarding pass? And do I have to book to use a lounge as I have a hour hour stop over would like to freshen up if possible …I booked flights together so only have 1 booking reference. Hope someone can help as I’m flying by myself so really want everything to go smoothly.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Lee,

    Sounds like a fun trip! You should receive both boarding passes when you check-in in London, and your bags will be tagged through. You do need to go through security again in Hong Kong, but you shouldn’t have to pick up your bags.

    Unless you’ve booked a business class ticket you likely won’t have lounge access, but with an hour connection you realistically won’t have time to dawdle anyways.

  4. MidSouthSkier

    As Tiffany said, an hour isn’t really all that much time between flights. Keep in mind that the departure time on your ticket is the time the plane is scheduled to leave the gate. That means all passengers must be on board, all their luggage stowed and every one buckled into their seats at that time. So even at Heathrow you’ll want to be in the gate area at least 45 minutes before the flight leaves. Your boarding pass will indicate what time boarding starts.

    Since you have to go through security again in Hong Kong, you’ll likely only have time to make a quick stop by the restrooms before going to your gate. Hope you have a terrific trip!

  5. Daniel B

    There is another thing you might wish to consider. My mother-in-law for at least a decade now always travels as “wheelchair assisted” (she does have bad congenital hip dysplasia). We always ask for it when she travels from Europe to the US. It has always been free for her. Since she does not speak a word of English, and certainly could not negotiate those airports, we found it incredibly reassuring that she is literally handed from one person to another from her European boarding airport to the final US destination. Because of where she lives and we live, she always has to change planes TWICE. Because of the wheelchair assistance, you are always taken to the front of the security, passport etc lines. That person can also radio to his/her dispatch who in turn can inform the gate agent that you are coming (hold the plane for a few more minutes). Since you are a pensioner (as you said), and if you find it difficult (even a little) to walk, I would consider asking for wheelchair assistance. Also, if you miss your flight, or if it is cancelled, you would not need to worry too much because the person who looks after you could take you to the next agent who could rebook you. If you travel alone, and not on business/first class, then you are alone (well, one of the hundreds of stranded passengers, with no priority treatment, when it could take hours before you get rebooked maybe on a flight which leaves 2 days later). And a last piece of advice (since this is your first flight and very long haul): DO get up and walk around the plane regularly to avoid getting DVT (deep vein thrombosis). Have a great trip!

  6. Hugh B

    As a lot of people have said I really don’t think that 1 hour will be enough especially since you are flying out of Heathrow (expect delays) and connecting on an international flight in Hong Kong. Make sure you know when the next flight from HKG-SYD is, you might need it.

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