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Answers (11)

Chase S Preferred or Barclays Arrival+ or Citi Thankyou Premier Card

Chase S Preferred or Barclays Arrival+ or Citi Thankyou Premier Card

  1. satpak

    Hi there,

    I’m in the market for a new card. I currently have the following no-annual fee cards: Amazon Chase (2% dining), BOFA Cash Rewards (3% Gas), an AMEX card (1% all) which I primarily use for their CDW package ($25/rental) and also a CO Venture one card, returning 1.25x points/$ which I use for all miscellaneous expenses. Wife owns a IHG Chase card (which we primarily use for hotel stays).

    With all the cards that I currently have, I’d prefer to earn at least 2x points/miles on Travel and Miscellaneous charges, which I’m earning only 1.25x through CO. Also, I’m anticipating some travel related charges for my parents to a tune of over $5000 (only this year though). This brings me to consider these three cards: Chase S Preferred or Barclays Arrival plus or Citi Thankyou Premier Card.

    I, with my wife, travel internationally (Emirates or Singapore) on economy once a year and the charges are usually around $3500 mark combined. We do take domestic flights, occasional uber rides, parking etc., – all of which, I’m not sure if it would be worth spending annual fee every year post the free introductory year. Also, last year I roughly spent about $7000 on non-travel related items (insurance, clothing, phone/internet, hospital bills etc.,). Given all the factors, what would be a good card for me? I’m also open to suggestions on closing a few cards, like the AMEX which I solely use for PRIMARY Auto CDW coverage, had I had the option of owning a Chase S Preferred with Primary coverage.

    Appreciate your time.

  2. satpak

    anyone here?

  3. rickyw

    There are many others on here more savvy with credit card suggestions… but I am very happy with Chase Sapphire. Sounds like you spend a decent amount in travel, which would earn 2x rewards there. Ultimate Rewards also transfer to Singapore, so you could potentially earn some free trips through that route.

    I think you won’t be turned off by the $95/annual fee. The Reserve is also a great card with a nice travel credit, but it sounds like you don’t spend a ton per year to maybe justify a high annual fee like that.

    I do think a cashback travel card like the Barclaycard/Discover cards should be in everyone’s wallet. Unfortunately, we can’t get everywhere on points and miles so sometimes it is nice to have something to offset those types of charges.

    I’d recommend the Chase Sapphire and Barclaycard. But, be sure to sign up for the Chase first in case you are close to their 5/24 rule

    Also… I am almost positive you get primary rental car insurance with the CSP. Lucky actually wrote about it earlier this week

  4. satpak

    Thanks for the response. Do you think Citi’s double cash (2x) would be better than Barclays? Since I already have a Capital One (1.25x), it wouldn’t make sense to pay $95 on two cards.

    Also, about closing cards, what is recommended? Thinking of closing Capital One and AMEX cards after getting the two new cards.

    Appreciate your response.

  5. MidSouthSkier

    The Double Cash card probably does make more sense for most people. The ArrivalPlus can technically give 2.05% back but you have to spend a lot of money for that to cover the $95 fee.

  6. rickyw

    Agreed that cancelling the Capital One probably makes sense. Doesn’t sound like you have a ton of expenses, so not sure you spend enough to justify two separate cash back cards like that. You’ll get a better return on the Citi Double Cash anyways.

  7. satpak

    Alright. CSP and Citi Double Cash it is. Thank you all for the input. Have a great day!

  8. MidSouthSkier

    The Double Cash card’s slogan is “1% back when you buy, 1% back when you pay” – but there’s a catch. When you redeem your cash back, just remember to have it swept into your bank account or have them send you a check. If you use it as a statement credit that won’t count as the “1% when you pay” so you’d be cheating yourself out of funds.

  9. satpak

    Ah, interesting! Wonder what’s the minimum points one would have to accumulate before redemption? Also, Citi’s customer service seems to be a hit & miss.

  10. MidSouthSkier

    As far as I know you can redeem all of it and there’s no minimum. Unlike my Amex Blue Cash which requires $25 increments, I’ll redeem amounts like $47.36 of Citi cash back.

  11. satpak

    Good to know. Thanks. Btw, applied for CSP yesterday and wasn’t approved instantly. Upon calling and checking, I found out that a decision will be mailed out in 2 weeks.

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