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Answers (4)

American Airlines voiding a voucher after giving it to a passenger?

American Airlines voiding a voucher after giving it to a passenger?

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Lucky,

    I just underwent a super crappy ordeal with American Airlines last Friday. I was traveling from PHL to PHX to PSP. Upon my arrival at the gate in PHX to board my plane to PSP (Flight AA5839) I was informed that I along with 20 other passengers were “bumped.” Long story short the plane they had on hand could not accommodate everyone. It was never clear about what happended to the original plane as their stories changed so frequently but they were offering everyone affected a $600 travel voucher to be rebooked for other flights. My flight was originally set to land in PSP at 1432 PM PST. Now I would be getting there around 2130 PM PST. I signed for my travel voucher and was instructed to sit and wait for my new boarding pass as they could not issue me one until the plane they were bumping me off of had to depart first. I sat and waited. The plane never departed and 3 hours later everyone was told “Surprise! We found another plane for you! Go six gates down and you will depart at 1600!” This flight (AA3085) did not leave until well after 1730. We landed at PSP around 1830 and had to sit on the tarmac for 30 minutes for our spot to open up. Lo and behold our spot did open up and were set loose on the tarmac.

    All in all it was close to a 5 hour delay we all suffered at no fault but theirs.
    And it seemed like nobody but me was given a travel voucher. People were furious.
    The entire experience was so bad it was almost comical which is sad to say as I am pretty loyal to AA. I wrote an email to AA customer service to tell them how poorly handled the situation was and how disappointed I was at how their customer service treated everyone. I did not ask for anything at all. I received a response this past Monday essentially “sorry, here 3,000 miles” which I found extremely insulting. I replied that offering 3,000 miles as a peace offering was insulting.
    At this point I was over it. I was home and had a $600 voucher for my trouble.

    Today, August 24th I received an email from American informing me that they voided my $600 travel voucher since they ultimately got me on a flight and that they were giving me 7,500 miles for my trouble.

    I have not even replied as I am so angry.

    I am sure it isn’t illegal but how in the world can they think its ok to treat people like this?

    Do I have any recourse?

  2. FlyerCO

    You could probably argue in small claims court but even that’s iffy. Also I believe that the US VDB rules have an exception for when a smaller aircraft has to be subbed last minute . Regardless agent screwed up issuing voucher before departure. They’re not supposed to for this reason. Things change, people misconnect, etc. Till door is closed there’s no way of knowing.

  3. rickyw

    Spencer, Ben’s take on the situation and almost 100 comments from other readers. Hope this helps!


  4. David W

    [USER=4566]@Jockey Limo[/USER] Can you not?

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