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From Platinum to No Status on AA! missing USAIR

From Platinum to No Status on AA! missing USAIR

  1. Dale

    Last year was not as busy as previous years when it came to travel for me. I fell short of achieving even Gold and it burns to have no status except for what the Citibank Executive Elite card grants me. Gosh I miss all the automatic upgrades and generous nature of USAIR. Is there anything I can do, a good trick anyone knows that can help get my status back without paying $699 or $1299 for the boost offer? That just doesn’t seem justifyable from any angle. Someone told me I could get Delta to transfer all of my miles and they would give me status if i started flying with them. That doesnt seem likely?

  2. Gaurav

    hi [USER=2937]@Dale[/USER], and welcome. I’m not sure what you mean by having Delta transfer all your miles (from AA?). That’s usually not possible between frequent flier programs and definitely not in this case. You could contact DL to see if they will let you do a status challenge or a match but your chances might have been better when you actually had status with AA. You could also check [URL=””][/URL] to see what other data points are out there.

  3. Rob in Miami

    [USER=2937]@Dale[/USER], Just to make you feel better….. both myself and partner are both Exec Plat… and we flew 140,000 miles last year, and in 2017 we have taken 10 trips to date……. only (1) leg for one of us- was upgraded! Yes, we fly MIA-LAX at $360 +/- …. but still. The new program is aimed at those that REALLY pay large cash amounts when they fly. (EQD’s makes a lot of sense.). So, don’t feel badly. The new AA program is not what it used to be (nor the USAir program).

  4. Dale

    Are you planning on switching to a different airline? which program do you like the most? it looks like trips for work will ramp back up soon and i have zero flights but need to book one now to San Antonio. I am assuming you agree the “boost” isn’t worth it, i wish you could trade in miles.

  5. Rob in Miami

    Not planning on switching to any particular airline. Just planning to pay for what I get….. no loyalty. We have FLL just a few miles north which has JetBlue, Southest, etc. I have a few other friends here in Miami that all say the same. And, yes, I know that being in a hub city (MIA) is more competitive for me- many Latins flying only on AA in/out of Miami and paying alot for their trips. Correct- I would not recommend that challenge.

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