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Answers (5)

What would you do?

What would you do?

  1. Anonymous

    My 40 year old son, his wife, their 5 year old daughter, and the wifes 14 year old sister have plans to attend a wedding in Cozumel in March of 2021. My bride and I are VERY uncomfortable with them going and the major ramifications that would occur should they (or one of them) fail the new Covid regs. They are staying at a private B&B. What you you do?

  2. Clem

    I would 10000000000% not go.
    First there are of course the risks of attending a wedding and being around a crowd – and a crowd that traveled from I guess many different areas.

    Second, if someone gets sick and needs hospitalization, Mexican hospitals are struggling and certainly don’t need tourists to add to the mess, and block access for the locals. You can imagine the guilt if that happened.

    Lastly, if you are diagnosed positive you will be blocked in Mexico until you clear and get negative tests, at your own cost.

    For what it’s worth, there’s also a lot of scrutiny from social media “vigilante” and if you get “caught” at a party on pictures being posted, I can guarantee that it will be hell on earth for you.
    But at the end of the day, from a purely ethical and moral standpoint, I would just not go, out of respect for the local population and doing my part. We will be out of this mess soon, hopefully by fall things will be much better.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi James!

    I absolutely understand your concern, and there is certainly great potential for hassle and expense here (not to mention the chance of spreading infection in a community that doesn’t have great healthcare. It’s not a great situation.

    That being said, given your kids are in their forties, I’m not sure there is anything you [I]really can do[/I] other than express your discomfort, and ask them if they’ve thought through all the eventualities.

    Good luck — it’s a very complicated time.

  4. RTBones

    I would not go, period. In my case, even my own concerns aside, it is out of respect for the locals and doing my part. We are all in this together, and this problem doesnt get solved unless we acknowledge that and work together. Travel restrictions and closures are in place for a reason. Not gonna lie – not traveling stinks. Missing family and family events stinks. But I would rather not travel now so that I can travel with abandon when we are through this. I would rather not see family now so that we are all here when we can travel again.

    Encourage your kids not to go, explain your concerns, and ask them if they are prepared for the possiblilities. But as Tiffany points out, with them being in their 40s, not much you can do.

    If someone catches COVID in Mexico – they are staying put for a while, at their own expense. Does anyone have travel insurance that covers this possibility? Clem is also spot on – plenty of “iphone police” out these days that are more than willing to take pictures and post them – thats a world of hurt nobody needs.

    I wish you good luck.

  5. rickyw

    Not to pile on by any means, I agree with the collective advice on here already (don’t go :)).

    But, just wanted to add that, while staying in a private property has it’s benefits over major resorts for the ability to keep to yourself and not mingle with others (which is kinda a moot point if they are then going to a wedding), the downside is they’d be on their own to get a covid test before their return. I’m personally not traveling any time soon, but if I were, I’d 100% be going to a resort that provided covid testing on-site ([URL][/URL])

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