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UA Changing Itineraries After Booking

UA Changing Itineraries After Booking

  1. Memento

    A couple of weeks ago, I booked a flight via United to Singapore. I used miles to upgrade from econ to business class. The vexing issue is that United keeps changing my itinerary on the domestic legs of the trip. One leg was to reroute after a connecting flight had been cancelled, nothing to complain about there. On the return trip they re-routed me even though the original booked flights are still available. When they re-routed, they also downgraded me. Last December United attempted to re-route my wife and I on a different international flight. We had to call and complain each time to get them to change the flights back to the way they were originally booked. All of these times, United did not even send me a message letting me know they did this –I only learned by checking my status on my own.

    My question: is this normal for airlines to randomly re-route customers even though the flights they booked still exist? Would I be treated differently if I had status with the airline or paid full price?

  2. Anonymous

    Hi [USER=1703]@Memento[/USER], and welcome!

    This isn’t “normal” but it’s also not unusual. United is particularly bad about communicating with passengers, and about having functioning computers, and…

    You were able to get everything rebooked, right?

  3. Memento

    I was able to get re-assigned to the domestic flights I had originally booked. However, I have been effectively downgraded on those flights. I am bracing for the day when I log into and find that they have re-routed me to different, less favorable, flights to and from Singapore.

  4. Gaurav

    [USER=1703]@Memento[/USER]–were you confirmed in domestic first on your flights and have now been put in Y? Is space still available in F?

  5. Memento

    I actually booked the international flights first (because upgrades were available) then added the domestic connections. For the domestic flights, I am currently in W class. There is currently space available in Y and F for the domestic flights in question.

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