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Answers (6)

Europe Alone

Europe Alone

  1. Cole

    Any advice for someone going to Europe alone? I’m looking at going to Kiev in September. Unfortunately will be going alone. Will be doing a 2 day Chernobyl tour. Never been to Europe before. Done a lot of research and know about the pick pockets and other scams played. But any hints on having fun by yourself?

  2. David W

    Try a bar crawl or a free walking tour. You might come across others who are also traveling alone and can give some recommendations. I always find that the tour guides are very knowledgeable about the city you’re in

    Eating alone can be daunting for some but if you get past that, it’s fun to people watch while alone

  3. Donna

    I always travel to Europe alone. I meet plenty of Americans and other English speaking people everywhere from airports, to train stations, hotels and restaurants. I am unaware of specific dangers in Russia but I would take extra precautions if alone. Walking back to a hotel late after a night of drinking is a high risk scenario IMO.

    Granted, the dreaded “table for one” is intimidating for most but I do it all the time and often I get company. Even alone, it’s fine. Good luck with your trip!

  4. Cole

    Yeah would be nice if i could fine some fellow americans and or English speaking people. But i also know Kiev isnt necessarily a hot spot for travel right now.

  5. rickyw

    [USER=1430]@Cole[/USER] I did Bulgaria and Romania solo earlier this summer, and definitely not ‘tourist hot-spots’ either. I recommend finding a hostel in Kiev that organizes events and tours. I stayed at the JW Marriott in Bucharest, but had a drink at one of the livelier hostel bars one night. I found a free walking tour that way.

    Not sure what age range you fall in, but in Europe I can almost guarantee you’ll find anyone from college kids to 40-50 somethings at any decent-sized hostel.

    This looks like one of the more highly-rated ones in Kiev [URL][/URL]

  6. SMOWS

    I advise you to visit the love tunnel that is located near the city of Rivne. This is a wonderful place. There are many tourists there. You can stop at the Full House Hostel Capsule Hostel. [URL][/URL] The city itself is also very beautiful. Be sure to visit the zoo. This zoo is one of the best in western Ukraine.

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