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back to back hidden city ticketing

back to back hidden city ticketing

  1. Brad


    I have a one way flight from dfw-nrt-hkg with a stopover in Tokyo. dfw-nrt is on AA and nrt-hkg is on CX and this was booked through On a separate ticket I have another one way flight hkg-dfw-ord all on AA.

    Currently, the nrt-hkg segment is on a Saturday and hkg-dfw-ord is the next day on Sunday. I looked at switching nrt-hkg to Sunday, but it was too expensive, so I was going to buy a separate ticket on ANA.

    My plan is then to throwaway nrt-hkg on Saturday and then also throwaway dfw-ord on the other ticket the next day on Sunday. Should I be concerned about throwing away segments on 2 separate tickets 2 days in a row? My AA account is linked to both of these itineraries.

  2. Brad B

    Well depending on how long your connection is in NRT you may end up misconnecting and the ask to be rebooked the next day, if you have a short connection.

    Other than that it can be risky to have you AA number attached, although I don’t know if CX would inform AA that you missed the flight.

  3. Brad

    I have a multi day stopover in NRT, so there is no chance of misconnecting.

    The reason I attached my AA number is for SWUs.

  4. Brad B

    It is always a risk with throwaway tickets. What would it cost to change your flight to just DFW-NRT?

  5. Brad

    About $900 and I paid less than that for the original ticket.

    I know it is always a risk, but generally a small risk if it is done rarely. I’m mostly concerned about doing it 2 days in a row. I don’t know what people’s experience is with that or their thoughts on AA even noticing especially with the segment I’m throwing away being on CX.

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