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Answers (6)

Which is better? And a great app.

Which is better? And a great app.

  1. Nadine Franks

    I’ve been playing around with TPG app and it’s pretty great. It tells you what card to use during specific purchases. The user interface is excellent.

    It’s appears to me TPG has some preferences based on his recommendations. Do you agree, or are there different ways to look at things? And, some other observations and questions.

    1. He prefers 2xAmex MR points, to 2xMC Thank You Rewards.
    2. He prefers those points to 3% cash back on restaurants.
    3. Before using App, I didn’t know the new Chase Amazon card gives 2% cash at drugstores.
    4. I discovered that Business cards can’t get into the Apple Wallet — is this true?


  2. David W

    Hi Nadine, welcome!

    I haven’t used the TPG app but it sounds very handy. My only issue is having to get an app out before I make any purchases, which can be time consuming if you’re in a pinch. However, if you’re expecting to make a purchase but arent completely ready yet, then it can be useful.

    I’ll try to answer some of your questions:

    1 – It depends on which points you value more. Many people, like TPG, value’s Amex MR points more than Citi TY points.

    2 – Again, also depends on how you value points and your own personal spending patterns. If you dont travel much or wont use travel rewards often, then 3% cash back is going to be a better option for you. If you [I]do[/I] use travel rewards fairly often, getting points in a transferable currency (Amex MR, Chase UR, Citi TY, SPG) can get you more value than 3% cash back.

    3 – That’s wonderful! I didnt know that either. However, I dont like that the Amazon card is basically a cash back card for Amazon and I prefer to get points in another rewards program.

    4 – I dont have any experience with Apple Pay and the wallet so maybe someone else can chime in?

    Hope this helps!

  3. LCSinTexas

    Ok, I’m new so could someone please help me by saying what TPG stands for? I love finding new apps and/or sites that can make it easier to maximize the trips we book 🙂

  4. rickyw

    [USER=2885]@LCSinTexas[/USER] TPG is The Points Guy…. another travel related blog. [URL=””][/URL]

    Good blog to check in on, but the writing and content tends to be much better here! 😎 is a great place to check out all the points and miles blogs too

  5. David W

    I do have to say that I really enjoy Zach Honig’s reviews and other articles on TPG. I find them to be consistently fantastic. Also enjoyed his work when he was writing for Engadget (tech blog) as well.

  6. rickyw

    [QUOTE=”David W, post: 27594, member: 29″]I do have to say that I really enjoy Zach Honig’s reviews and other articles on TPG. I find them to be consistently fantastic. Also enjoyed his work when he was writing for Engadget (tech blog) as well.[/QUOTE]

    Agreed! Zach does a great job. Maybe I’m nitpicking, but my gripe with TPG lately is he seems to have 30 different writers for the site, yet doesn’t maintain his “about” section. Personally, I like knowing who is writing things. A short bio means a lot.

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