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Answers (12)

Skipping last leg of international trip?

Skipping last leg of international trip?

  1. marcw1984

    I have been saving United miles to take my family to Europe.

    Round trip non-stop EWR to DUB business class is approximately 140,000 on Aer Lingus.

    I noticed that I could fly via EWR to AMS to DUB business class mixed (economy AMS to DUB) for approximately 110,000.

    If we wanted to skip Dublin since the Amsterdam flight is less miles, does anyone know if I could book this and skip the last leg? I know I could find a workaround within the United States but my concern is that this is international travel and I believe our presence and expected arrival at our destination must somehow be tracked correct? I’d book two one way trips to avoid United cancelling our trip for being a no-show.

    Has anyone done this recently?

  2. David W

    Couldnt you just book EWR-AMS?

  3. marcw1984

    Unfortunately no. There is not a direct flight to AMS. It routes first through DUB. It’s interesting…..

  4. David W

    So you’d be flying EWR-DUB-AMS?

  5. marcw1984

    We originally wanted to go to Dublin. However, we would also consider Amsterdam.

    If I search EWR to DUB, I find a direct business class flight for 70,000 one way non-stop AND I also find EWR to AMS to DUB business class flight for 50,500 one way. Because it is less miles, we are now considering Amsterdam over Dublin.

    What that said, can I book the EWR to AMS to DUB flight and, rather than continue to DUB, get off and stay in AMS? My concern is around customs and tracking what country I am expected to enter compared to what country I actually enter.

    Apologies if my original email/response was confusing. Please let me know your thoughts!

  6. David W

    what airline is the EWR-AMS on?

  7. marcw1984


  8. David W

    I feel like if EWR-AMS-DUB is bookable, then EWR-AMS itself should be bookable. May be try calling UA?

  9. marcw1984

    Perhaps I will do that. Thanks.

    Do you happen to know about my other question (skipping international legs)?

  10. David W

    shouldnt be a problem as long as youre not doing it often

  11. Gaurav

    With the usual caveats that don’t check baggage unless you will be required to collect and re check it at the point you are planning to cut your journey short. As long you have valid visas (or a US passport) you should have no problem entering AMS or DUB.

  12. Anonymous

    [QUOTE=”David W, post: 16157, member: 29″]shouldnt be a problem as long as youre not doing it often[/QUOTE]

    And as long as you don’t have any subsequent segments in the itinerary (so book the return on a different PNR), and you’re not checking bags.

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