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Answers (10)

Aeroplan Routing

Aeroplan Routing

  1. David W

    Would Aeroplan allow HND-FRA-JFK/EWR as one award – Asia 1 to North America, 105k one way?

  2. MarkS

    I think so, United does and I’ve seen the route on other *A sites, might even have been AC. While not positive I think *A routes are applicable to all programs. I’ve flown it using UA miles 110K in first on LH

  3. Anonymous

    It’s complicated. Going by the old rules:
    [*]HND-JFK is 6,772 miles, with a MPM of 8,067 for the Pacific route, and 12,504 for the Atlantic.
    [*]HND-FRA-JFK is 9,687 miles
    [*]You could exceed MPM by up to 10%, so under the old rules this wouldn’t have been a problem at all.
    The new rules, however, are a bit opaque, and it basically comes down to what’s allowed for a given origin and destination. There’s a gigantic thread on FT with experiences on various routes, but the easiest option is probably just to try and price it in economy, or call Aeroplan and ask.

    I [I]think[/I] it would be allowed, but wouldn’t want you to transfer points based on my hunch.

    For what it’s worth, routing rules are not common across programs.

  4. David W

    I guess I’ll call Aeroplan and see if they can put it together and see what the charges might be. I’ve already booked HND-ORD-LGA on NH/UA with Aeroplan miles but I figure I might have some fun with the return since the outbound is the same in reverse.

    Thanks to both of you!

  5. MarkS

    Tried to build it on a multi-city route on Aeroplan and it failed. But I tested UA first to make sure I had something available and found something very interesting, and possibly a sign of things to come. I wish I could remember where I saw this other than UA.

    As you know the UA search engine gives tons of results and wrong way flights to Asia are common. When I searched for ORD-HND I got many going west options and one going east, a standard reward on LH through MUC. However ORD-FRA and FRA-HND were available in first on individual searches. But the combined route did not appear as an option which it always has in the past. So I built a multi-city route ORD-FRA and FRA-HND and got the itinerary for 110K in first. Maybe this was a hiccup in the search engine or maybe it’s a sign of UA either tightening their routing or limiting LH first.

  6. MarkS

    Yesterday I booked a comprehensive reward on UA to PVG going east through FRA. For fun I looked on Aeroplan today and found they do allow a route similar to what [USER=29]@David W[/USER] was looking for. This is on SAS from ORD-CPH-PVG which is 9,425 miles versus going west at 7,057. So it sounds like you are at the mercy of the search engine as to what they allow or don’t allow. Anyway, maybe you could use this as an example when calling [USER=29]@David W[/USER] if you’re still interested in getting that reverse LH reward..

  7. David W

    Oh great! Thanks for letting me know, I’ll definitely see if I can make it work if LH releases space

  8. MarkS

    For what it’s worth, I flew this route last year and this is one of those LH routes that frequently opens, at least the HND-FRA part. Especially if you’re flying mid week. Good luck!

  9. Htg123

    Ok guys. Complicated question here.
    On aeroplan, if I search jfk-cbr in J, it will show me routing jfk-ist-bkk-sin-cbr (to/sq) and price out at 80k per person each way. (I’m not planning on stopping over anywhere).
    So here’s the thing, I need two seats and the day I’m looking at has only one seat out of JFK, so I searched manual segments and found out that if I depart from ORD, I can get 2 seats, but if i search ord-cbr, it won’t show anything.
    So if I were to call in, would I get ord-ist–bkk-sin-cbr in J at 80k as well?
    And while I’m at it, would it also, be possible to do pit-ord-ist-bkk-sin-cbr at the same rate as well? Thanks

  10. David W

    Use United to verify each segment’s availability. If it checks out, you should be able to get aeroplan to put the ticket together, including PIT. Just remember that aeroplan usually has long hold times.

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