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Answers (2)

Aeroplan Award – Ticketed Infant Not Associated with TP Reservation

Aeroplan Award – Ticketed Infant Not Associated with TP Reservation

  1. Anonymous

    Back in February, I made an Aeroplan award reservation for my wife and I to fly from Portugal to the US on TAP. Because he had neither a name nor a birthday at the time of the initial reservation, our plan was to add our new baby as a lap infant at a later date.

    This was the return leg of a trip where the outbound leg was booked via SQ Krisflyer. Apparently the SQ-TP partnership requires that TP issues the tickets for lap infants on award reservations. That went well. In fact, my TP agent was so helpful that after they added the infant to the SQ-issued ticket, I asked whether they could also add the kid to the AC-issued ticket. I was quoted a fairly outrageous amount of taxes and fees compared to the $50 that I knew AC charged, so I asked that we not ticket the infant at that time.

    I called up Aeroplan, added the kid, paid the $50, and got a ticket number almost immediately. But the ticket number never appeared on the TAP reservation. In fact, while there was an infant listed on that reservation, it was not in the Aeroplan format (the name was “First Last” rather than Firstmiddlegreeting Last”). I suspect that this infant was not the infant booked through Aeroplan, but rather the infant I had earlier attempted to book with TP. I called TP first to ask whether I should be concerned that the infant’s ticket number wasn’t associated with my PNR and that the passenger on my reservation appeared to be the version of my lap infant who was never ticketed. They said it has potential to be problematic on the day of travel but that there was nothing they could do. I was told to contact Aeroplan. I called Aeroplan shortly thereafter to bring it to their attention, and they said, “Well, he’s got a ticket number, so it’s no problem.” But in subsequent conversations with TP folks, they suspect there will be problems because the infant’s ticket number is not associated with an adult (nor a PNR, for that matter), which is apparently pretty important.

    I’ve continued to have conversations with both TP and Aeroplan reps who are either unwilling or unable to do anything to resolve the issue. A TP rep suggested that I change the infant’s name with Aeroplan to “First Last” to help resolve any conflict there and that Aeroplan associates the infant with my wife rather than me. Aeroplan’s ticketing folks said none of that matters. They reissued the tickets, and while my wife’s ticket number and my ticket number have changed on the TAP website, our actual infant is missing and there’s still that ghost infant with no ticket number.

    I’ve got a few questions for you folks:

    1. Will this for sure be an issue on the day of travel? In other words, is it worth me investing a bunch of time to resolve this now rather than stressing up to and on the day of departure?
    2. Is there a pretty easy step I’ve missed? For example, should I have asked for an Aeroplan-TP liaison to get involved? If so, how do I do that?
    3. Are there any other reasonable solutions you can think of? For example, should I attempt to add the infant through TP (even though that is absolutely not supposed to be the way this works) and ask Aeroplan to refund the infant’s ticket?


  2. Owen

    In my experience in working at the airport, this is common occurrence. Most people don’t even realize that the inft isn’t associated until we tell them so. It’s not that much of an issue, as long as you bring a copy of the inft e-tkt. The TP checkin agent should be able to create and add an infant to your wife using the checkin software, and then add that e-tkt that Aeroplan gave you to the reservation. That should work for you. But in my experience, make sure that the inft is booked into the same fare basis as your wife. Sometimes if the parent is booked into V and the inft is booked into R (for example), the computer will have issues associating the e-tkt.
    Hope all goes well! But definitely not something to stress over. Just make sure to select bassinet seats online ahead of time as they won’t know to save one for you at the airport!

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