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Answers (7)

accessing lounge at HKG & ICN

accessing lounge at HKG & ICN

  1. yaboobie

    Hi guys its me again!

    So I have a flight on KE Biz Award flight, HKG – ICN – SFO Starting at 12:45am with a 10hr lay over in ICN.

    I’m not too interested in the Skyteam lounge. I have OW emerald, and would like to go to the cathay first lounges. I was thinking of booking a short award to CAN for 4500 Avios and ~$20 as a throw away so i can get in to the lounges prior to my HKG – ICN leg, and obviously not take the flight.

    I have a few questions regarding this. How early can i check in for the Cathay flight to CAN flight leaving 8:30pm? Can check in for the cathay flight and KE flight before heading airside, or can i only check into one flight at a time? will there be any draw back to not taking the award flight? Any other thoughts?

    Also, Ill be layingover in ICN for 10hrs, and i was planning on checking out the sky spa/airspa? in ICN to get some rest, or possibly book the GH. what do you guys think?

  2. MarkS

    Taking the 747 upper deck, good for you!

    A tip on the BA award. Check additional options for payment. They might allow you to purchase some of the Avios, on these short flights it’s often around 1.3 cents which is great.

    Get the Cathay Pacific app. Put the 6 digit booking code in and you can check in at least 24 hours in advance, maybe 48 as 24 is a US rules.

    There is a transit hotel inside ICN terminal. From the outside it looks nice, but I haven’t been inside. And haven’t been to the spa. Instead of leaving the airport I’d got to the transit hotel I think.

  3. Gaurav

    HKG is a CX hub so you should be able to find someone to check you in whenever you get there for the most part. Also shouldn’t be any issue checking in for KE and CX, their systems don’t speak to each other.

    Haven’t been to ICN, maybe someone else can chime in about those.

  4. yaboobie

    [USER=2121]@MarkS[/USER] Yup! Im super excited about the upper deck after seeing Ben’s pictures, haven’t gotten up there since united flew the 747 SFO-LAS almost 15-20 years ago. Not as exciting as sitting in 1a or 1j but seeing as KE still have a few more 74H on order, Ill definitely be back for that another day.

    [USER=79]@Gaurav[/USER] So if i understand this right, I can be checked in for multiple flight on the same day at the same airport?

    I also have a pvg-lax paid leg from the RT that i am planning on not taking , I havent skipped a leg of a paid flight before. will this impact my AA acount? or will they just give me warning>

    Thanks for the infos!

  5. yaboobie

    Also , since my KE flight is leaving on the 17th at 0:45am, Im assuming i should and would have to leave the CX lounges go back out in to landside and check back in on the 16th ? seeing as KE probably wont have their check in counters open all day and ill be in hkg fairly early

  6. Gaurav

    You should be fine with multiple flights as long as they are not with the same airline. Different carriers are not going to be able to see what else you have booked. As long as you are not making a habit of dropping legs you should be fine on the paid ticket. You can always say you had a change of plans and had to go elsewhere for x,y, z reasons. Airlines are more likely to go after you if they see a pattern of abuse. I think most people recommend not adding your FF number to a reservation if you are planning to do this.

  7. Gaurav

    [QUOTE=”yaboobie, post: 28298, member: 1992″]Also , since my KE flight is leaving on the 17th at 0:45am, Im assuming i should and would have to leave the CX lounges go back out in to landside and check back in on the 16th ? seeing as KE probably wont have their check in counters open all day.[/QUOTE]

    You could check when you get to the airport. If KE has another flight departing earlier they might be open. Also not sure if HKG has a transfer desk airside. You could check there to see if they can issue your boarding pass. All this is assuming you have no checked luggage right?

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