Qatar Airways Will Offer Qsuites To Seoul Incheon As Of January 22, 2018

Qatar Airways’ new Qsuites, which they’re referring to as “super business class,” debuted between Doha and London Heathrow as of June 23, 2017. Since then they’ve also started offering them between Doha and Paris, as of September 23, 2017, and between Doha and New York JFK, as of December 16, 2017.

Then in November Qatar Airways announced that they’d begin offering Qsuites between Doha and Washington Dulles as of January 16, 2018, so that will be the next destination to get the product.

Qatar Airways has now announced their next Qsuites destination after that. Qatar Airways will offer Qsuites on their flight between Doha and Seoul Incheon as of January 22, 2018. The Seoul Incheon flight with Qsuites will operate with the following schedule (note that some days Qatar Airways has two daily flights between the airports, and the other frequency doesn’t feature Qsuites):

QR858 Doha to Seoul Incheon departing 2:59AM arriving 5:35PM
QR859 Seoul Incheon to Doha departing 12:50AM arriving 5:25AM

The flight covers a distance of ~4,400 miles, and is blocked at 8hr36min eastbound and 10hr35min westbound, so that’s a decent amount of time to enjoy this great product.

As of now Qsuites are only loaded on the route through March 24, 2018, though I imagine that will be extended, and that they’ve just updated the spring schedule for now.

It’s interesting that when Qatar Airways first introduced Qsuites they said the first destinations to get the product would be London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Sao Paulo, though they’ve deviated from that quite a bit with the last two destinations. Also keep in mind that this schedule is subject to change. While Qatar Airways has been doing a good job of adding Qsuites aircraft to routes as scheduled, there’s no guarantee that will continue to be the case, so there’s a chance the dates on some of these routes slips a bit.

While award availability isn’t amazing, the good news is that it looks like there’s some business class award availability on these flights, with a lot more space from Incheon to Doha than the other way around. The best ways to redeem miles for the experience is through American AAdvantage — they charge 40,000 miles for a one-way ticket in business class between the Middle East and Asia, and there are no carrier imposed surcharges.

If you’d like to read more about Qsuites, check out Yaroslav’s review of his experience between London and Doha.

Anyone plan to test out Qsuites on the Seoul Incheon route?

(Tip of the hat to Dan1301 & jbflyboy84)


  1. I really wish the flights weren’t so badly timed, I really can’t get a full experience on midnight red-eyes, I guess DOH-JFK is still the only route that’s worth my time.

  2. It’s worth noting that Qsuites on the JFK and IAD routes are also loaded only until 24 March. So I guess we might see some changes by then. I have tried it twice including once on the double bed. All I can say is that I can’t wait for my next QSuite flight hopefully out of JFK 🙂

  3. OMG, excellent news for me. I am a Cairo expat, but I am flying to ICN 3-4 times a year to see my family there. I have been getting a bit tired with EY B789 J (AUH-ICN or NRT & BEY or AMM-AUH). Only issue here is no direct QR flight to Cairo yet, arghh… really getting tired of taking mediocre RJ flights (CAI-AMM) connecting in AMM since QR was cut here. Btw EY A346 (including F) is gone from Cairo too.

  4. Yea you would think HND or PVG would have easily been the first cities in Asia. Head scratcher to say the least.

  5. Lucky are you surprised to see how slowly QR are rolling out QSuites? It seems like about only 1 plane per month? At this rate it will take them more than 5 years to have it on their entire longhaul fleet.
    Why has it been so slow?
    Given they seem to have unlimited finances I’m surprised they haven’t thrown money at the rollout to do one plane per week…

  6. @ Ben — Maybe I just have really low expectations of Qatar Airways, but I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the pace at which they’ve been rolling it out. I was expecting it would be even slower. The reality is that they don’t have unlimited money anymore, and I know largely the government has been putting pressure on the airline to cut costs. Between the reduced oil revenue and current Gulf blockade, money isn’t growing on trees in the same ways it once was.

  7. I think it is quite clear that Qatar is launching this to ICN due to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February. As such the service might well discontinue on 24 March and other destinations might be favoured.

  8. @Ben
    Compared to the United roll-out of Polaris, or Lufthansa’s open-ended programme (where the “new” seat isn’t even in service yet), I’d say Qatar’s refurb programme is already one of the fastest out there.

    But I’m curious: anyone know what it costs to fit Qsuites on a plane? From the feel of the quality, I’d guess it’s not at all cheap. Though I’ve certainly been scheduling more of my travel on Qatar to use Qsuites and the product is so much better than the competition that I’d guess others are, too; so I hope they’re seeing a decent ROI. But that may have been cancelled out by the GCC boycott. I hope investing in the quality of the customer experience is profitable – and that Emirates with its new 2-3-2 business layout loses business to Qatar.

    I think Qatar’s CEO is earning his money at the moment.

  9. I have a DOH – JFK upcoming flight next October. Currently it’s using qsuites in expertflyet but switches to 2×2×2 past march. Any hope qsuite will be back to jfk in October? ?

  10. @Ben or anyone else with QR inner workings, if you were to guess which would get Qsuites by summer of ’18 first, would it be ATL or ORD routes?

  11. @A RE: “It’s worth noting that Qsuites on the JFK and IAD routes are also loaded only until 24 March.”

    This is no longer the case for JFK-DOH (QR702): ExpertFlyer shows the Qsuites layout long past March 23, 2018; I never thought this route was in danger of losing Qsuites. I wish it did the same for the IAD-DOH (QR708) route, but it still reverts to the old 777 J configuration on March 24. That said, it also shows the Qsuites layout on QR708 as of January 6, 2018, so maybe they’re being introduced *a little earlier* than originally announced.

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