Amazing Qatar Airways Business Class Fare From Muscat To New York

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There are good Qatar Airways business class fares (like the ones I wrote about yesterday), and then there are incredible Qatar Airways business class fares. This one falls in the latter category, assuming you’re either based in the Middle East or willing to position.

Qatar Airways has sub-$1,800 roundtrip business class fares from Muscat to New York, which allow you to fly their new Qsuites on both longhaul segments. The fare seems to be available through the end of the schedule, and there’s a three day minimum stay required in New York.

As is (almost) always the case with international airfare, this fare is only available if originating in Muscat, and not if originating in New York (the lowest roundtrip fare I see from New York to Muscat is ~$5,200).

Obviously this could be useful for someone based in the region, though beyond that it could make sense even for someone based in the US to take advantage of this fare. If you’re already planning to go to the Middle East you could use this itinerary for the return portion of your trip, and then use the flight back to the Middle East for your next trip. You can even drop the final Doha to Muscat segment (given that Doha is a gateway to just about everywhere), just make sure you don’t check bags if you do so (or plan a long enough layover in Doha that they’ll allow you to short-check the bags).

The flight between Doha and Muscat is technically in first class, which is how Qatar Airways markets the forward cabin on their intra-Gulf flights. This is great news since it means you can use the Al Safwa first class lounge prior to your flight to Muscat (though prior to your flight to New York, you can “only” use the Al Mourjan business class lounge).

If you do book one of these tickets and have access to US credit cards, make sure you maximize the points you earnThe Platinum Card® from American Express offers 5x points on airfare purchased directly with airlines, which is a great option if you’re booking directly with the airline. Meanwhile the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card offers triple points on airfare purchases, and also offers fantastic travel coverage in the event of irregular operations.

Hopefully some of you can take advantage of this great fare — I’m certainly tempted, especially as I’m in the process of planning a trip to Muscat soon. Also keep in mind that Muscat’s new terminal opens in March, so you can potentially check it out if booking this fare.

(Tip of the hat to SamOF)

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  1. This price variance based on where it starts has been around forever, but is getting ridiculous. Maybe time gov’t stepped in and charged a tariff for uneven prices.

  2. Simon- pleeaasse behave. We need less government not more. This is simple capitalism. People originating in the USA are always willing to pay more for business class than people originating outside. And please don’t try and make this a US3 vs ME3 issue. If you book United, Delta and American originating overseas you get the same.

  3. It is priced for value. To escape violence and enjoy serenity and peace one pays top dollar. I guess demand in the other direction isn’t all that high thus price is deeply discounted. Simple market dynamics at work.

  4. Yeah, add in the visa entry fees and maybe a layover and your initial 1,800 USD increase by 100-300 USD (still cheaper than a roundtrip from other points, but just saying …)

  5. @Lucky thoughts on where to credit the QR R fares to? (US based flyer with no OW status today).

    My MCT-DOH is on Oman – assume can just have them add that FF# at the gate (since the one I use for the QR flight will be on the reservation)?

  6. @KC

    Great response. Totally in style with the real KC trying to keep up the appearance. I’m sure you got it I was not referring to Oman as violent and unsafe.

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