Act Fast: Qantas Business Class Awards To/From The US Available

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Qantas is one of the stingiest airlines when it comes to releasing transpacific first & business class award space. Admittedly their stinginess between Australia and the US is now more the standard than the exception, as Virgin Australia isn’t even generous with making space available anymore (they used to be super generous).

It’s worth noting that if you’re looking to redeem American miles for travel between the US and Australia, Qantas has a good bit of business class awards available over the coming months.


Via Point Hacks, Qantas has a good amount of business class award space between San Francisco and Sydney for travel between February and April. There’s not a massive amount of award space, but well over a dozen dates with at least two business class award seats in both directions, so I do think it’s worth calling out the space.

The catch is that these flights aren’t bookable on You’ll have to search space through the websites of Qantas, British Airways, or ExpertFlyer, and if they show business class award space it should also be bookable through American or Alaska, though you’ll have to call to book.


For example, American’s website doesn’t show a single business class award seatĀ in either direction for all of February, March, or April.


While the most space is available on the San Francisco to Sydney route, I also notice some extra seats on the flights out of Los Angeles, including to Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

As far as Qantas’ business class product goes, they have a solid fully flat product. The seats are wide and spacious, though don’t all have direct aisle access. The soft product is generally good, though, between the pajamas and excellent food.



The best value for snagging these seats will be through American AAdvantage or Alaska Mileage Plan. American AAdvantage charges 62,500 miles for a one-way between the US and South Pacific, while Alaska Mileage Plan charges 55,000 miles.

Bottom line

If you’re looking to travel to/from Australia over the coming months, this is a rare opportunity to redeem miles for Qantas business class for two passengers. Just be sure you search for availability through British Airways, Qantas, or ExpertFlyer, and then call American or Alaska to book.


Were you able to snag some Qantas business class seats between the US and Australia?

  1. Qantas’ own award search is actually the most accurate and shows some sporadic / but decent availability for 2 Business Class seats from US to Australia. also confirms the same. But as the post indicates, is definitely not picking up a lot of award space (I’ve been watching for seats in Dec. 2016 and was able to secure DFW-SYD seats in Business). Most are on the 747, but there are definitely some on the A380 flights. (LAX to BNE is also an alternate route showing decent availability, but of course, it’s on a 747)

  2. Very rare, indeed. Considering that it’s not 1975, why is it that in 2016 the frequency, number of North America-Australia flights remain about the same? Travel demand between these points has exploded. Remember many folks take the longer route via North/South Asia to get to Australia. Why haven’t the OZ and N.A. airlines responded to the insatiable demand for non-stop flights? I know, I know, they’ve only had 40 years to think/analyse it over. Lucky: is there something about the U.S-Aust. governments and number of flights that seemingly is restricting ‘free enterprise’. Why have the big 3 Gulf carriers added each year flights to Aust. whereby Emirates surpassed home-town Qantas as the biggest int’l carrier by number of flights – in, in Australia!

  3. Hey Lucky, just called AA & was told that they don’t have access to the Qantas seats and that the seat even while available to Qantas, are not available using AA miles. Am I missing something? Was trying to book AKL – SFO business seats for 2 using AA miles… šŸ™

  4. AA seems to be having a lot of issues displaying QF space correctly. As widely reported they have a TON of phantom availability but on the flip side, as you point out in this post, they are NOT showing a good amount of QF availability either.

    Could be to some people’s advantage (i.e. us) who use EF/BA/QF engines to search for awards. Last week I was able to grab a single F seat for DFW-SYD out in Nov. Did not show online at all. Oh and AA agents don’t seem to understand the issue as she told me I needed to make sure I checked the “AA and partner airlines” box when searching.

  5. I’m curious if this was phantom space- I put a reservation on hold last night, and this morning, the routing disappeared. It is now showing “we couldn’t display trip details.” Anyone else finding the same thing?

  6. I called and upgraded a flight from SYD to LAX on Feb 14th. New flight was SYD to BNE to LAX in business. Agent said we were all set. About an hour after I used the Qantas record locator and saw the SYD to BNE flight but no BNE to LAX flight. Called back and confirmed the space was available, but the agent couldn’t confirm the BNE to LAX segment. The agent forced the reservation to go through and requested a resolution with the Qantas liaison. Is there something I should do differently? When I check the reservation in it asks me to call reservations and does not show the flight details. I am also worried because my return flights in economy were cancelled. Thanks!

  7. Booked IAD-DFW on AA and DFW-SYD on QF business class through AA in early December. I have seat assignments on both flights; so, hopefully, my QF flight won’t be deleted.

  8. I booked SYD > DFW on QF business class through AA for a flight in late September. I don’t see any seat assignment for my QANTAS flight, so now I’m getting worried that my QF flight will be deleted. It’s showing on “My trips” on AA (I have no idea how to find it on the QANTAS site).

    Should I just keep monitoring (and what recourse will I have if it gets deleted?), or is there something I should be doing to be proactive about it?

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