PSA to hotels: this is why you need an in-house music channel

You know how most hotels have in-house music channels, where when you arrive in your room the TV is playing music and has your name on the screen to welcome you and give you some info about the hotel?

Well, there’s nothing quite like checking into a hotel where rooms retail for $500+ per night, only to find they’re playing Music Choice with this ad:


Just hoping this wasn’t a targeted ad!

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  1. One more reason I dislike this practice. Staying at the MGM for the Hyatt gig this past weekend was nice, but every time I came back to my room someone had been in there with turndown service or something and the TV was on again. I eventually hid the remote.

  2. Yes, it probably was a targeted ad. Not too many 24 year olds staying in $500 a night hotels.

    I had to pony up for the Pandora paid subscription because, due to my location and music choices, the only ad they found to play for me (over and over) was for the Jewish Home for the Aged.

  3. They must think the “Light Classical” channel is listened to by a certain demographic!

  4. My cable system at home has the Music Choice channels, and the Solid Gold Oldies station ads target the same demographic as the Light Classical station. It’s like watching the nightly news – hard to tell what’s more depressing, the actual news or the barrage of drug commercials for every infirmity imaginable and unimaginable!

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