Priority Pass and Global Entry added as American Express Platinum perks

I assume as a continued “apology” of the Continental/American Express partnership ending in September, American Express has added a couple of new benefits for their Platinum card. First, American Express Platinum cardholders are now eligible for Priority Pass Select membership, which gets you access to any of their 600 lounges worldwide, with an additional fee of $27 per guest per visit. You can use the Priority Pass lounges regardless of which airline you’re flying. While there’s quite a bit of overlap between that and the American, Delta, and US Airways lounges that members already have access to, there are also some useful, unaffiliated lounges that Platinum members will now have access to.

You can find the full list of lounges that participate here. Most notably, Platinum members now have access to Alaska Board Rooms, and a same day ticket isn’t even required.

Furthermore, American Express is offering Platinum and Centurion cardholders a $100 statement credit if you use your eligible card to sign up for Global Entry, essentially making it free.

I’d say those are a couple of nice new perks!

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. I brought along the wife on multiple occasions, and I have never been charged the $27. Priority Pass is pretty popular in our company, and neither of us have ever been charged for a guest. Your milage may vary.

  2. I already paid $100 GE and $50 Nexus. That credit prob doesn’t apply to my membership from years ago.

  3. Does anyone have any guidance why type of customer will qualify for the Platinum card?

    With everyone promoting it so heavily these days it would be interesting to know who would qualify for the card and who would be borderline. For some reason I assume that it has fairly high income requirements, but given the high annual fee I could be completely wrong (if it is profit making in fees only).

  4. Yes high income and excellent credit are a requirement of the American Express Platinum card. Centurion the next step up is invitation only and probably about 250k in annual spend on your credit card. Most people report that the consumer Centurion card is better for the free gifts.

    I think borderline would be good credit not excellent credit. If you’re not in the excellent category of your credit report then I’d be doubtful of approval.

  5. Global Entry: Best. Program. Ever. Or was, now there will be a lot more competition for the kiosks šŸ™‚

  6. AMEX Platinum desk states (while reading from a document)that Global Express reimbursement is not a perk for Corporate Platinum accounts. Personal Platinum and Centurion cards are in the program that starts April 5, according to the online rep.

  7. This is a great new benefit, which thanks to you I signed up right away. Doing some further investigation, it appears that the “select” card (which is the flavor of priority pass we will get) will not have access to the United/ Continental club rooms after October. With Amex already giving us access to USAirways Club, this leaves the Alaska Club Rooms and the international lounges that Priority Pass Select will gain us. Still, I will gladly welcome this as an added benefit!

  8. Until June 1 you can still get Nexus for $50. All the advantages of GE plus the fast track into/out of Canada.

    The only disadvantage is that with GE kids under 14 come along without the need to apply while with Nexus they need their own card but its free.

  9. If wife and I are GE members and we have kids under 14 with us (who cannot be GE members) can we still use the kiosks for us and see the passport officer nearest the kiosk for them? Or do we all have to go through the manual lines?

  10. @ askmrlee — No guarantees, but I believe you have to use the normal lines if you’re traveling with someone that doesn’t have GE (even if they’re kids under 14). Might be wrong, though.

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