Priority Club “issue” resolved…. maybe?

Nearly a month ago I posted about Priority Club pulling 80,000 points from my account in error (check out the linked thread for more details), and I even posted an update a few days later. While my main issue was resolved at that point, I was still frustrated about having spent hours on the phone and never having an agent apologize to me, so I sent an email to the Ambassador email address expressing my displeasure at the whole experience. After waiting for over two weeks without a response, I resent the email, this time with “ATTENTION: MANAGER” in the subject line.

On the plus side I got a response within 48 hours, but on the down side the email merely restated my point balance and said that the initial problem was resolved, both of which I already knew.

I sent back a firm but polite email basically asking the agent to re-read my email and understand my problem, and I got another response 24 hours later. While I usually never post specific customer service emails, the response I received is so embarrassing that I really feel like I have to post part of it. The italicizing and bolding below are mine.

We sincerely apologies for the inconvenience and disappointment you have experienced regarding this issue. We wowuld be sure to forward your comments on our supervisors to ensure that this type of issues will be avoided in the future. As compensation for the trouble this has caused you, we would be issuing a one time exemption and credit 5,000 points in your account. Your current point balance is [omitted].

First of all, I was very pleased with the offer of 5,000 points, so if we’re looking at the result from that perspective I’m perfectly happy. That being said, what really infuriates me is that they choose to ruin an otherwise good email (other than the spelling/grammar) with “we would be issuing a one time exemption.”

So let me make sure I understand this — you apologize for a mistake your company made that was totally outside of my control, but compensating me for something that’s your fault is a one time exemption? Lame! Really really lame!

If I had to guess I’d say there is a language/culture barrier here, although I’m not exactly sure where Priority Club’s “customer service” is located.

I don’t mean to rag on Priority Club because I really think they do an amazing job all around, but this is just an example that struck me as being awful customer service, at least in terms of the content of the message.

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  1. “If I had to guess I’d say there is a language/culture barrier here”

    LOL. Ya think? 😉

    Pretty lame overall.

  2. Maybe if the service and offerings are so poor, hop on over to HH, or Marriott or SPG more. Hiccups happen, and everyone knows, a one time exemption… referring to this case and circumstance to appease you.

    Pretty sure the desk is not located in the US, it not included in Salt Lake City for them, possibly Manila.

  3. Douglas, I’m not in any way saying I’m unhappy with Priority Club. Actually, in my last paragraph I talk about how happy I am with them. I just don’t believe in “blind loyalty,” so will gladly point out flaws that I see in my favorite programs, be it an airline, hotel program, etc.

    This is just one example of poor customer service. I’ve had plenty of incredible experiences with PC/IC that offset this particular encounter.

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