Pictures of the InterContinental CityStars Cairo

Here are some pictures my brother took recently during his three night stay at the InterContinental CityStars Cairo. He paid a mere 5,000 points per night thanks to the PointBreaks promotion, which is a steal. Given that most four or five star hotels in Egypt aren’t really four or five stars by western standards, he came in with low expectations, but left pleasantly surprised.

He checked in at 6AM and was upgraded to a junior suite with club access as a Royal Ambassador (despite the fact that IC doesn’t technically honor elite benefits on award stays ). When he got to his room there was someone else sleeping in the room, so he went back downstairs. Apparently the front desk was very apologetic, and he was upgraded to a full suite. Here are some pictures of the hotel:


Living room





Mall near the hotel

With a nice suite, club access, free internet, free minibar, etc., I’d say that’s about as good as it gets for 5,000 points. For what it’s worth the going rate for a basic room at this hotel was around $300 per night.

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  1. yea egypt hotels are…interesting. I stayed at the Sheraton in Alexandria, and it certainly wasnt up to any normal Sheraton standards, certainly not anywhere near as nice as that InterCon (think run down tacky 70s feel). Pretty much ever room has a Mediterranean view, though.

  2. That looks nice. The location isn’t that great though. Back in October I stayed at the nearby Holiday Inn. That was also on a points break (5000 points a night) because at the time the only rooms available at any of the chain hotels were over $500, and at the Holiday Inn were $900! I couldn’t believe the rate they were asking for, or that they accepted points break for the same dates.

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