Pakistan International Airlines Unveils New Livery… On An A380?!

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Pakistan International Airlines is in the process of rebranding. Like many other airlines, PIA is trying to reinvent themselves and improve their reputation, which historically hasn’t been very good, in terms of safety, onboard product, and service. PIA also has the highest employee to aircraft ratio of any airline in the world, which is a unique distinction to have.

This week the airline has formally rebranded and introduced their new livery. The tail of every plane will have a markhor on it, which is the national animal of Pakistan. The new livery looks pretty cool and is a modern refresh for the airline, but what I find most confusing is how they’re revealing the new livery.

The airline has uploaded what might be the most aspirational and unusual airline marketing video I’ve ever seen, on so many levels. First of all, the airline has chosen to reveal the new livery on the A380, which PIA most definitely doesn’t have. You’d think they’d reveal the livery on a plane they actually have, but…

But beyond that, this video is just so, so, so strange. It seems like it’s made with the sole intention of using as many unnecessarily big words as possible, even if they don’t make a whole lot of sense. When you think PIA, do you really think about “an over-arching and guiding passion to scale the heights of aviation and service excellence?”

Or this quote:

“Here we stand on the precipice of a new horizon as the bearers of bonds and the transporters of connection. Our cargo is emotion.”

Alrighty then…

Check out the full video:

Anyone else find this video as strange and aspirational as I do?

(Tip of the hat to ray)

  1. Very interesting maybe this is a like a leak that they will be getting a380s (maybe some of singapores old ones as Hi Fly only got two)

  2. That video could have easily been reduced to 30 seconds.

    The livery looks like a model aircraft that a child decided to decorate with stickers.

  3. PIA often leases planes from other airlines (e.g. they’ve used Srilankan airline planes, and i once had a PIA ticket from Pakitan to UAE, but ended up flying a leased Vietjet aircraft).

  4. Zed, my thoughts exactly. Hi-Fly said it had one long-term lease in place. Could it possibly be to PIA? Head scratcher.

  5. First, I am not buying it. It is a PR gone wrong! Do they believe they will convince pax to fly them..with what?..dramatic words!..If they are leasing the old SQ A380s, pls. lease the service and crew as well! If not do try to improve your service aspects in ALL areas!..yes, it is a leak..on the heads of those PIA managers who think getting a bigger plane will make all the other negative existing aspects of their product go away..Yeah, I wish DL or AA or UA will come up with such aspirational videos..yeah right..who am I kidding to..LOL! Happy april fools day!!?

  6. The most effective livery is something that represents the brand. The next effective livery is something that looks nice.

    The United tulip was a good livery. The U is United. The current United livery may be reasonably pleasant but it does not represent United. It is simply a globe.

    The Air France livery is good. Sharp looking. The tail represents France but Air France and France are very close.

    The American Airlines livery lacks a connection to AA. AA is not really thought of as the United States.

    The PIA livery, in my opinion, will take the test of time to judge. Basically, is the markhor the symbol of PIA?

  7. Well. If you have seen and heard what is in the could answer your question!..This livery is fine..remembers me of QR though..well copying a successfull airline is not bad..but do need a lot work to be done..

  8. I’ve seen this happen when someone who is very good at writing poetry/advertising in Urdu (Pakistan’s national language) starts writing in English. Writing style from one language often doesn’t work well in other languages…. As for the new livery….I hope they didn’t pay someone a lot of money to come up with it!

  9. PIA has 33 aircraft and employs 14000 staff 28 overseas destinations
    The ad is trying to encourage people to fly via or to Pakistan although the current situation positively discourages that
    I mean who would fly to Tokyo via Lahore ?
    Using an A380 is false advertising when they don’t even have one
    Their market is the Pakistani diaspora who would most likely chose an ME3 carrier

  10. This is funny because their culture is different from ours in the West and therefore wrong.

  11. This is truly ridiculous. It’s a buzz words, catch phrases, bromides soup of clichés and meaninglessness.

    I wonder how many takes they had to do because the voice actor kept breaking up in fits of laughter.

    Also, if I were nit-picky, I would note that he mispronounces the word “diaspora,” but since I’m not nit-picky, I won’t note that.

  12. @ Icarus
    ..”I mean who would fly to Tokyo via Lahore ?”..well, if PIA is as good as QR..if Karachi or Lahore are cities like SIN or HKG in which you can have a great transit experience..the excisting airports in these pakistani cities are definitely not a Changi level of convenience and experience.. the most important aspect and the feeling of being secure when travelling…so when PIA and Pakistan can offer these two things and PIA will really can offer a SQ or QR service than I will be one of the first to travel through this country..

  13. PIA is such a poorly managed airline. In many ways its such a pity whenever I see a national airlines horribly manage what could have been such a lucrative market targetted foreign expatriates.

    Having experienced their customer service on numerous occasions – the last time was just the absolute worst – I don’t think I have ever had a supervisor equivalent of a customer service department – tell me to “just admit I made a stupid mistake”, or I am lieing when I have print outs in front of me. Have sworn off that airlines 5 years ago. Again – its such a pity that it is so poorly managed as the pilots are extremely highly regarding in the av world.

    Back to the post – I’m not even sure if there are any airports that can handle the A380.. although now that I write this, perhaps the new ISB airport is capable of that. More likely than not, its probably just lazy/ lousy job done by the marketing team.

  14. This looks more like a corporate internal promo video for future plans. However if this made it as a commercial to the general public, I’d be surprised. Easily can be cut down to 30 seconds. The livery actually looks nice and is different. I had no idea about the national animal. Maybe they’ll lease an old A380. I wouldn’t knock it until we have more information.

  15. This is quite inspirational. Then at the end you see PIA! Hey, they could be getting some of those old A380s.

  16. Unsafe at any altitude is what comes to mind when thinking of PIA. They should be focusing their efforts on improving their safety record rather than this stuff. Nate Silver wrote an article a few years ago basically predicting risk of air carriers based on past performance and near miss incidents. PIA, Ethiopian and Aeroflot had extremely high near miss incidents. They can photoshop an A380 with a new logo but their bad safety record doesn’t disappear with the old paint.

  17. That is one of the strangest marketing videos I have ever seen. Seems like they used a flight simulator program for the A380 shots..¿

  18. I kind of get it…..they are very much appealing to the patriotic heart strings of Pakistanis at home and abroad to fly ‘their’ national airline. As much as the americans and europeans can complain about the impact of the ME3 I imagine that if PIA was not government backed it would have been totally decimated by now. Many airlines use the patriotic thing to retain (or woo back) their countrymen. Qantas is good at it. Although rewording their tagline from ‘The spirit of Australia’ to ‘The spirit of australians’ a few years ago copped them some flak.

    But the wording of the ad? Oh my lord. How long can one sentence be? I think as others have mentioned it’s almost a direct translation from the Urdu version. Which hasn’t really worked.

    And using an aircraft type not in their fleet???

  19. I’m sorry, what did I just watch…
    That did not make me want to fly them one bit.
    It is however interesting that they choose to show it on an a380, maybe they’ll get some old SQ ones, or maybe even brand new ones.

  20. If “PIA is trying to reinvent themselves and improve their reputation”, the first thing to do is remove the P from PIA. Because “historically”, when people see/hear PIA, the first thing that springs to mind is either PITA, and/or Pathetic International Airlines. And even a SQ quality level video, ideally featuring Jennifer Anniston, isn’t going to magically make that go away. 😉

  21. “The PIA livery, in my opinion, will take the test of time to judge. Basically, is the markhor the symbol of PIA?”

    I’m not sure a picture of a corrupt politician or an ISI agent can fit on the tail of an aircraft…

  22. Maybe A380 is being considered as an option for the hajj season, but the announcement should have gone together.

    @ Sauss: To be fair, all aeroplanes which made “stops” at WTC, as you put it were from US airlines.

  23. Well after seeing it, Pakistan seems to have some beautiful scenery…
    Pity about the airline, I remember doing a case study on it: they used to train other airlines’ staff in the region. A classic case of poorly run but superb customer service at odds with each other.

  24. Maybe their internet is very, very slow and they stared uploading the video on the 1st April

  25. Well this is coming from an Indian, but what do you expect from Pakistan.

    It may take the rest of the world a long time to realise what India has known since 1947.

    We, as India are much more than an airline, but look at Vistara, Jet and even Indi-Go.

    Despite Lucky taking Air India seriously, the Indian public no longer do. Air India is our equivalent to PIA, but unlike Pakistan, India has left the corrupt government entity to die quietly.

  26. We all know the love Indians and Pakistanis share so comments coming form either have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

    The aviation related stories coming out of both countries beggars belief, from PIA flying more passengers than seats to a male Air India pilot beating his female first officer in cockpit mid flight.

    Both airlines are not going anywhere, just too much political downside to privatisation. Can remeber stories from 20 years ago about govt trying to offload Air India ownership. Same goes for PIA, closest they might come to privatisation is copying the Qatar goat on their planes.

  27. The livery is incongruent. A mess. I like the tail design, but then the flag resembling a elephant? Wtf

  28. Wow, racism, bigotry and arrogance. All this on a travel site. It’s one thing to have constructive criticism but Lucky, in spite of your global exposure, you certainly fail to vet some very ugly comments.

    I have traveled enough to know cultures differ but that does not entitle me to attack others or raise the politics of the region by equally messy nations.

    For aspirational travelers making comments like this I suggest you stay closer to the comforts of home and count points, but don’t waste your precious rewards on exporting such racist thinking.

    Sorry but I am done with this site.
    Best regards,
    AlphaBeez from Canada

  29. @AlphaBeez
    Pointing out that PIA is trying to deceive passengers by doing photoshop on an A380 and coming up with pretentious wording is not racism.
    In fact “forgiving” them for this falsification because they are culturally different is racist.

  30. I agree with Duck Ling that the compaign is designed to capture patriotic sentiment, and have PIA be the prefered choice for Pakistanis. There is alot of context to markhor livery and resiliance of Pakistanis, for example, a recent global happiness survey published by UN shows Pakistanis as the happiest nation in south asia against all the odds the country had to go through.
    Having said that, a cosmetic change will not be enough and PIA needs to really up their game on upgradation of planes, services etc. The new airport in Islamabad should help PIA setup their operations at a state of art airport.

  31. @Saad Kiani offence here..the Pakistani are the happiest nation in South Asia??…on what grounds??…what are the indices to have such an assumption??…

  32. Lucky,

    With someone as much experience as you, I’m really saddened that you would ‘color’ your views and set the tone of this entry with bigotry and bias. How could you fail to notice that this is a Brand Story? It’s not a commercial video (like an ad), but something that contextualizes their new positioning. This video is the start of their journey, not a factual report of their current state.

    The Markhor (mountain goat) is Pakistan’s national animal. And I love the fact that unlike Qatar’s Ibex, they’ve turned a goat into something more iconic. It’s one part Markhor and one part Pegasus/Unicorn — so that the international audience can also identify and be inspired by the symbol.

    No matter how ill-reputed PIA is, it beats the service quality of every American airline I’ve ever travelled on. At least they have the decency to serve a hot meal or a snack on every domestic flight without charging extra. As far as the video is concerned, I love it. The language is eloquent. Almost poetic. There is no sloganeering or cliched phrases. This video would lose its magic the moment it starts to sound common. Sure, there a couple of words that even I didn’t know the meaning of. But now I’m inspired to look them up. Otherwise, I understood everything. It was simple enough and I’m wowed by the way they were able to get across so much in so little time. And, wow, what beautiful scenery!

    As to the person who pointed out that the narrator got one pronunciation wrong…. Why don’t you try to pronounce Markhor the way they do in Pakistan, and we’ll see how far your elitist ass takes you…

    Happy flying to your cosmopolitan travellers/readers who sound so parochial (that means, ‘myopic;’ oh sorry, I used a big word. It means, ‘fucked up.’ Is that better?

  33. @ Saad Kani

    Thank you! for forwarding your source…Well, who am I to interdict Pakistani their happiness, right!..I am just curious and intrigue about how these”experts” gave their evaluations…because in the report it says..
    “According to the report’s website, the World Happiness Report was compiled “by a group of independent experts acting in their personal capacities”….so what does this personal capacity means for the evaluation of ???…
    Furthermore the report says..””Any views expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect the views of any organisation, agency or programme of the United Nations,” reads the disclaimer….How odd indeed!!….

  34. Well I am not sure how often you read any of these reports, but any second party reports have disclaimers. Even the first party reports have disclaimers to avoid any legal complications, infact any emails sent from corportate accounts have disclaimers. HDI ( Human Development Index) was developed by independent individuals and later on incorporated into national and international ratings.
    UN doesnt necessarily conduct any surveys, and usually picks the most authentic ones. So, if UN chose to publish this one, theres got to be a reason. Im sure you can inquire more about it by going to the survey link shared in news article I shared earlier.

  35. @Saad Kiani

    Thanks again for your efforts..I understand the disclaimers..but I am just very careful with surveys and the so called “legal experts” who you really not know.. how they got their credibilities..and as you have said the UN just pick the ones which conveys more credibility??…
    But back to the point..if it helps the Pakistani people to see a positve picture for a better future and improve its living…why not…giving the people hope and a brighter future for a better and improved Pakistan…that is the goal!…but such PR videos which we are talking here..are in my opinion..not setting the right is too much dramatic wordings which..if you are honest…so far fetched from the reality in Pakistan…it can be done better and more approachable reflecting the real situation in Pakistan…

  36. @ Myles

    I really appreciate your best intentions for Pakistan and its people, however the survey wasnt conducted by Pakistanis to make us feel good, Finland tops the global ranks while Pakistan 75 globally.

    If you refer to my original comment, I understand that the cosmetic changes wont be enough for PIA and there is a long way for us to go. This is a marketing video, directed towards encouraging Pakistan to fly with flag carier, and i think it conveys the message, there can always be improvements. Does red bull gives you wings? 🙂

    The story of Pakistan’s resiliance is long, and what Pakistan is truly about is what you dont always see on main stream media.

    If you really are interested in finding facts about Pakistan we can discuss here, offline or best would if you let me host you here and you can see for yourself 🙂

  37. @ Saad Kiani

    Thank you, you are so kind..and being so hospitable..
    I undertand what you mean…even the example with red bull, although I do not drink it, LOL!
    I would be really surprised if PIA pull such a surprise and do lease a A380…I could still remember Ben’s last trip with did make a negative impact…so I am reluctant to try it…let us see what the future holds for PIA…

  38. @ Myles

    If you ever get to visit Pakistan, hospitality will be something that you will likely remember for a long time.
    And i really apprciate your critism, its too early to say how well PIA will do in reorganizing themselves, and its a long way to go for PIA to improve. Let us (Pakistanis) wet it for you before you book a flight on PIA 🙂
    PIA has done well in the past, and trained Emirates, hope they can turn things around for themselves this time.

  39. @ Myles

    If you look closely at the video closely (it’s clearly a brand positioning story to create the link between the airline and the national animal), you’ll notice that it reads “visualization” when the A380 CGI appears. It’s in grey, on the black bar beneath the image area. I don’t think there will be an A380 in PIA’s fleet (although the new Islamabad airport launched this weekend has the capacity to handle one), so I believe the visualization, as they claim, is just used to inspire the audience so that they can see their livery on the greatest canvas available.

  40. @ Alex

    “Copying the Qatar goat”?

    I don’t intend to puncture your world view, but was the Singapore bird copied from Gulf Air? Or did Gulf Air copy the Lufthansa bird? Wait a minute. No, I think Lufthansa copied the Cathay Pacific bird. No, I’m wrong. They all copied the bird off American Airlines, who copied theirs from Kuwait Airlines?

    Where does this condescension come from?

    Just because it’s PIA, you believe it’s a con job when the majority of airlines around the world are using generic avian symbols.

    It’s their national animal! Birds have wings so the design family will be similar and familiar. Goats have horns. So the design will follow suit. But is it a copy? Hell no.

    It’s a beauty.

  41. @ Anthon Y.

    Thanks for the explanation!

    And there is one sensitive point which you have mentioned that reflects the negative presumption..sadly.. which is ..” just because it’s PIA…”…that is why it is better for the PIA management to have the courage to throw all these negative attitudes etc. for the sake of a new beginning, for a sake of a new assumption of a pakistani airline which reflects the great potential, hospitality etc. it has shown in the past…and perhaps a catalyst that one day Pakistan and its people would not been associated with chaos, terrorism, incapability etc..

    Every country or race has a chance to showcase their identity with pride..showing their achievements and be acclaimed..and when it is necessary and positive to copy that successful formula inorder to be prosperous…the aspiration to be a successful and highly developed country or race is not only for the existing first world countries…it is for the whole of mankind..

  42. PIA seems to have taken a leaf out of the Government’s diary in putting their logo over something that doesn’t belong to them :p

  43. @ Myles

    Couldn’t agree more. Sadly, as a victim Western imperialism, ‘third world states’ (so to speak) have been fighting the agendas of American foreign policy and paying the price for it with lives and national image. Any body who visits PK returns with an expanded heart and mind. That, of course, is the wonder of travel.

    I hope this attempt by PIA to improve their image and services will help improve the over all credibility of PK in the minds of a western audience who are only being fed a one-sided image by the military-media-business nexus.

    Emirates made Dubai. Singapore Airlines made Singapore. It’s a long shot (because it’s a huge country), it’ll be great if PIA could play in making its sponsors great again.

    Thanks for understanding, Myles 🙂

  44. @Anthon Y
    despite what happened in the past and I won’t try to justify any sides..leaving it behind you is the best way..focus your strenght and aspirations in improving what is now for a better future..You can not changed the past…but definitely you can define and pursue your future..

  45. @ Myles

    I wish it was in the past, but there is a lot that is going on that will shape up the future of this part of the world because of the western interest and hedgmony.
    A lot that you may see in media and hear from “intelectuals” is not a complete picture.
    I dont want to politicise a travel blog, but if I can intrigue somone to look on the otherside!
    How do we define terrorism and extermism? Are freedom fighters in Kashmir and Palestine terrorists or do they have any rights? Were talibans and WMDs only reasons to invade soveriegn nations? Could this have been negotiated? The terrorists attacks in Pakistan, who is really sponsoring them and why? Was exterimsm funded into Pakistan, who motivated it, why? Are the “terrorists” and “fundamentals” psychopaths waging war or are they actually reacting to world’s non reaction to their problems? Is the west under corporates and banks more free compared to east? What is freedom? What is a society?
    Can all these questions have different explanation?

  46. @Saad Kiani

    Yes they can be answered. But as you have said, this not the right blog to talk more over politics and the plight of Pakistan and its people.

  47. This video is very strange, although maybe it’s meant as a teaser for their new aircraft order?.

    Firstly the fact their new logo has been supersized for an A380 is probably not a coincidence as it could be a subtitle hint they intend to buy them.

    Also the fact they have hajj flights makes the A380 a perfect choice on seasonal journeys when up to 600 passengers could fly at once on one or more planes.

    We’ll just have to see if they decide on the A380 as their future flagship of the fleet or not as maybe the case.

  48. @vicnc

    As a graphic designer myself, I veer towards identities that are clean, modern and simple in their impact. I love the new PIA identity with the national animal. It’s along the sames lines as Qatar and Qantas. I think the flag could be reduced! But I bet there must have an ‘official’ from the government yelling to make the flag big, bigger, biggest!

    The ID you shared is cluttered and dates the airline into a regional hopper. The new ID looks more international. Very brave of them to move away from their typical green and embrace the blues, limes and yellows.

  49. It is stupidity to take up loans to paint the aircrafts again and again. In the brief history I have seen the colours and tails change so many times that I don’t know why instead of painting the aircrafts from the outside, why can’t they use that money on betterment of service onboard, and fix the interiors of the aircrafts.

  50. @ ahmad
    Exactly!! Probably the management is afraid that they could be successful and produce a fantastic service..more foreigners might find PIA great and actuall fly with them…but instead they want to keep it dreadful and hope for locals and expatriates who still keep their loyalty and endure this terrible airline..who knows why..!!

  51. I would recommend to leave the flag out..everyone knows where PIA comes from and what it stands for..believe me..there will be no confusion..

  52. @ Myles

    Why would you even say that? We are proud of our flag like every other nation! No matter what you think from your view point.

  53. @Saad Kiani

    everyone is proud of their offence to anyone!..
    But seeing the proportion of it..a bit decent in size would be a better aesthetic, don’t you think?..sometimes less is more..
    Believe me the huge PIA and goat are enough!

  54. Can’t wait to return to Karachi for some fantastic food and company! The same I can say for anywhere in Asia actually. One day I may return to the west, but the comments on this site remind me why I left few over a decade ago.

  55. @Emily

    I agree with foodies..Asia street food or hawker stalls long as they are hygienic enough to be consumed..not a friend of hepathitis or food poisoning either..
    why bother to go back West? anybody forcing you to do so?

  56. @Myles – family, childhood friends and memories. These things matter when away from them for over 12 years. The only US soil I have stepped on was the US Embassy in Timor Leste over four years ago to renew my passport. Then again, why return to the mess?

  57. @ emily

    Thanks for sharing..only you know exactly when the time is right to see family, friends etc. back home..
    12 years is a long time..but I hope you have such a wonderful time in Asia as a compensation..
    Regarding “the mess” back home…hopefully you are not referring solely about the politics…it is like food..everyone has its own taste…and over taste you could start a war..

  58. The only reason they used an A380 was because the livery was leaked (PIA had kept it confidential) and started making the rounds on social media and started getting out of control, so instead of having to either deny or admit this was the livery they hurriedly put this video together and the only template available at the time was the A380. Having said that it has received alot of criticism and is not really liked at all. As a matter of fact its being labelled the worst PIA livery ever and to an extent I agree. There is too much clutter up front with the huge flag made to look like its coming out of the cockpit in a waving fashion, the bland looking font and the tail, while looking quite nice and different is a total departure from the airline’s tradition and heritage. Legacy carriers like Lufthansa, KLM, Qantas, Alitalia, Air Canada, Delta, Virgin, Air India, JAL, SAS, Singapore Airlines, Thai, Saudia, Aeromexico, Kuwait Airways, LOT and Malaysia Airlines etc have all retained their iconic tail logos in one form or other, sometimes heavily modified but they’re still there and recognizable while PIA has chosen to totally abandon it altogether ever since they inducted the B777’s and there continued to be renewed hope that the well known and loved ‘PIA’ on the tail would make a comeback and this new scheme has left many disappointed.

  59. I am honestly confused as to why people are claiming racist comments because they don’t like th commercial or the livery.

    I am going to agree here, the livery is bad, and the commercial is confusing and unclear. For those who label it a branding story, (Anthon Y) that may be true, but it’s never good for a brand to represent themselves in inaccurate or false pretenses. Any average Joe watching this will assume incorrectly that PIA flies the 380, which may peak (false) interest and create curiousity and web clicks. Now that could be their intention, but once one finds out they don’t fly a 380 and likely won’t, it just leave that person disappointed and feeling duped.

    And that is never good “branding,” bottom line. I guess that makes me a racist.

  60. @ rob
    + 1
    Racism is always subjected to be scrutinized from the angle or side you stand prepared to be criticised…

  61. @Myles

    No, not just the reality show called politics. People, mentality, lack of identity, misery, awful food, boring monotonous lives… Just the top reasons that come to mind.

    I doubt you would care about my calling my home a wasteland… Or would you?

  62. @ emily

    you are right, how do I know what personal negative aspects you have encounteted in your home city etc..important is your happy, where ever you are now..
    one day have the chance to come back home and realize some or everything have changed for the better…

  63. @ Myles

    I probably dont have a right to say this, but i have been to US a few times, and quite recently too. Unfortunately, I will have to agree with Emily. Although there are some really great people there to hang out with and talk to, and there is an illusion of freedom that everyone seems to entagled with but quite honestly from where i stand there is more freedom in the east. Everyone in US seems to be working for banks or corporate interests. Everyone seems to be trying to get ahead of others. Well its spreading to my part of the world to, but Im really glad that i got to see raw humanity. Be in a place where an poor old woman is still able to share her half bread, that she probably got after days with guests.

  64. @ Saad Kiani

    I will never impose my definition of freedom to others..everyone has its own will and feeling for their own virtues..
    that is a consequence of globalization…
    everyone is competing itself to one another.. nobody wants to be left is instinctiv..
    on one point I do agree with you…everyone should not lose emphathy and their humanity…

  65. @ Myles

    I am really happy to hear you say that, unfortunately thats what not what western masses do. They see all the cultural values through their own lens and then try to fix them. Terms like barbarians, moors, fundamentalists are all reflections of whats west generally sees through their lens.

  66. @Saad Kiani

    It is probably diplomatic to say.. both west and east..regardless their ethnicity or religion..both have to widen their horizon and senses towards each other..communicating and working together are the first steps..understanding one’s point of view sincerly, is also a great step in having a genuine relationship..accepting their flaws and weakness and therefore turning these to positives attributes and a better understanding…

  67. @MJA

    What utter rubbish. The identity is being praised left, right and center. It is a massive departure from tradition, no doubt. But let’s not forget that right up until the early 2000s there was absolutely no flag on the PIA tail. Did you get that? No flag, whatsoever.

    It’s time PIA stops piggy-backing on nationalism and starts branding according to internationalism which this livery succeeds in doing.

    The typography in the front of the plane is gorgeous. It’s not as clinical as their former font, Helvetica. It’s got the curves seen in the design of the markhor and will fit beautifully if a local language variation is made in the same type style.

    I’m a fan of the identity.

  68. @ Rob

    No, it doesn’t make you racist. It reads ‘visualization’ under the CGI of the A380. They’re just having a crack at making their ID look really cool, which it does. However, as a government-sponsored organization, PIA gets a lot of grief from everybody because they feel strongly about its potential gone wrong. That will remain so long as the loop holes remain. But, if the ID is anything to go by, the brand story (which is poetic and beautiful) aims to inspire and contextualize the use of the Markhor — the national animal. I believe other changes — as drastic as the livery — are underway.


    In agreement with Ali.

    @ Emily

    Wow! You’ve got soul and may it always fly…

  69. @ Everybody

    To everyone who finds the brand story (is that what they’re calling it now?) confusing, may I just humbly suggest to go back to your College English 101 and open the chapter on cadence and rhythm and allegory and story.

    The first line of that chapter reads: “Don’t make every fucking thing sound like a Doritos ad.”

    Happy flying 🙂

  70. Pakistani people sometimes do speak in big words in English (their language, Urdu, is pretty formal compared to English).

  71. It’s the most ugliest and unprofessional livery I have ever seen on an airline. It’s basically a copy of Qantas Airlines.

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