Opportunity to purchase Lufthansa Miles & More miles for ~1.67 cents each

The offer for the LH30k [Expired] has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

Canadian Kilometers has uncovered a pretty awesome opportunity for those interested in purchasing some Lufthansa Miles & More miles.

The reason I find this especially interesting is because of Lufthansa’s increased 50,000 mile sign-up bonus on the The Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World Mastercard (affiliate link). As I discussed in this post, the great thing about Miles & More is that you can redeem for Lufthansa and Swiss first class well in advance. Through partner airlines you can only redeem for Lufthansa first class at most 15 days in advance (though in reality on premium routes nowadays it seems to be only a few days out), while you can’t even use partner miles to travel in Swiss first class. So this is a great way to top off the difference in miles needed for a first class award (which is 85,000 miles for a one-way in first class between the US and Europe).

Anyway, MeliaRewards is a hotel loyalty program in Europe. Through today, Friday, June 28, they’re offering a 25% bonus on the purchase of MeliaRewards points.


Basically they charge 8EUR per 1,000 points, and you can purchase a maximum of 100,000 points per calendar year. That means if you max out the promotion you’d pay 800EUR (~1,044USD) for 125,000 points. That’s ~0.835 cents per point.


What’s interesting about MeliaRewards is that they’re transfer partners with Lufthansa Miles & More. Points can be converted into Miles & More at a rate of 2:1, meaning you’re essentially paying ~1.67 cents per mile.


Anyway, the first step in taking advantage of this would be to sign up for a MeliaRewards account here, and at the moment they’re even offering a sign-up bonus of 2,000 points (which posts to your account instantly). When you sign up you can change the language into English by clicking on “International Versions” and “English” along the top. I believe through that link I get 250 points for referring people, though you still get the 2,000 point sign-up bonus.


Then you just need to purchase the points today to take advantage of this.

The other potentially lucrative aspect to this promotion is that Lufthansa charges just 17,000 Miles & More miles for a one-way business class ticket within the US on United. You can purchase those miles for ~$284USD through this promotion, which is a pretty darn good value for a one-way business class ticket on a transcontinental flight.

Anyway, definitely not a promotion for everyone, though if you’re specifically looking to top off a Miles & More account for a first class redemption on Lufthansa or Swiss, or want to redeem miles for domestic first/business class on United, this is a value that’s tough to beat.

The one thing I’m not sure of is how long the transfer takes and in which increments points can be transferred. I only found out about this opportunity last night and have been flying, so haven’t had the chance to call up MeliaRewards yet.

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  1. I’ve converted earned MeliaRewards points to M&M a couple of years ago, it wasn’t fast back then, 2-3 weeks I believe. Hopefully it’s faster now.

    An interesting aspect is that you can also transfer MeliaRewards points to friends and family and then move more miles to your account. I have not tried it with purchased points, and they do exclude the sign-up bonus from these transfers. These transfers are free and quick.

  2. Bought 40000 points, transfer took 2 days… Now have 20000 M&M miles… You can transfer in increments of 4000 points…

  3. Can someone clarify if I can transfer MeliaRewards points from my account to the M&M account of someone else. Cheers!

  4. Good deal!

    Which is the better choice?
    1) Cathay Pacific First Class JFK-YVR for 37,500 Avios (Avios were obtained from 27,000 AmEx points during 40% transfer bonus period); or
    2) Air Canada Business Class (not a 3-cabin aircraft) JFK-YVR for $350 cash (including taxes) via this deal

  5. Wouldn’t it be cheaper ($0.008/mile) to use the Miles & More card to buy Vanilla Reloads?

  6. Sounds like a great deal! How many M&M points for a First Class ticket on LX or LH from JFK to either FRA or ZRH?

  7. @Jon – Well CX is a direct flight and awesome product, but bad timing (late night departure. AC pods are good, but will only get you to YYZ and then its a regular J seat in cramped Embraer to JFK most likely.

  8. Gracia! Actually have stayed in one of their hotels – the Tryp Apolo in Barcelona.

  9. @AZ
    You can´t transfer your MeliaRewards to someone else´s M&M account, but you can transfer it to another MR account and then to M&M.

  10. @ Jon — There’s no doubt that Cathay Pacific has a far superior product, though if we’re talking about $350 vs. 37,500 Avios plus $50 in taxes/fuel surcharges, the Cathay option is quite a bit more expensive. I’d still probably go with Cathay Pacific, though if doing a roundtrip I might do one in each direction.

  11. @ DBest — Sure, it’s also a lot more work, a lot riskier, and a lot of us don’t have access to Vanilla Reloads.

  12. @ party_boy — They have a different chart for Hawaii, and it’s 35,000 miles one-way in business class.

  13. It seems like the maximum transfer is 150,000 Mediarewards to Miles & More.

    Also, I see on their website that you can also transfer to AA. Do you know what the transfer ratio is?

  14. When transfering from Melia Rewards, Skymiles showed up as one of the partner. Is this Delta? If so, what’s better between Skymiles or MM?

  15. Purchased 100,000 Meliarewards for my Wife and I, then transferred all into my account.

    Was able to transfer 150,000 to M&M but am not able to transfer the last 50,000.

    It says that: “The amount of points to be transferred cannot be greater than the amount of points in the account”

    My account still shows 54,000 Meliarewards.

    What gives??? Any help!

    Also, It seems like the bonus is gone now. Tried registering other family memebers and bonus does not show anymore. ???

  16. Same problem here, bought 125k and transfered to M&M. Then another 125k as a gift from another account, but can’t transfer to M&M. I’ll try again tomorrow, maybe there is a limit per day. I couldn’t find any information about limits.
    Anyway, if I can’t transfer it to my M&M account, I’ll have to open a new one on M&M for a relative and use it, although that’s not what i had in mind.

  17. I called Melia and there is a 100k limit for transfer per year, so I guess I’d have to wait until 2014 to transfer another 100k.
    My first transfer to M&M was 125k, but there was no error message.

  18. Has anyone tried the transfer later? I did a transfer on Monday but haven’t received any miles yet. What’s your experience?

  19. For those who have bought Melia points and converted them to Miles & More miles: I recommend that you check your Miles & More account balance. All of the Melia to Miles & More transactions I’ve made for myself and my family have been deducted from our Miles & More accounts sometime within the last three days! After posting this on http://www.vielfliegertreff.de/sonstige-hotel-bonusprogramme/8395-sol-melia-star-alliance-6.html a lot of other posters there are reporting the same. No plausible answer yet as to why this is happening, though…

  20. Lucky

    You should followup on this matter about Melia pts being clawed back. A lot of us affected by this. I think high profile bloggers like you got AA to reverse their policy last week.

    This issue needs some investigating.

  21. WHAT??? I came across this post after the 25% bonus promo had ended but signed up for Melia program just in case.

    Reversing transfers (and, I presume, not putting miles back into Melia) is absolutely unacceptable!

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