OneWorld adds extra baggage allowance and fast track security for Emerald members!

On Friday Malaysia Airlines officially joined the OneWorld alliance, and it seems around the same time two new benefits were added for top tier OneWorld Emerald members. These two new benefits are as follows:

  • An extra checked baggage allowance, above the standard limit for the cabin class in which they are traveling – either one additional item where the piece concept applies, or an extra 20 kg (44 lbs) where the weight concept applies – when they fly on any oneworld member airline.
  • Use fast track lanes through security when flying from select key airports worldwide on select oneworld member airlines.

I don’t know what the fast track benefit means in practice sine I’ve found most airlines to already offer priority security for elite members, though the baggage benefit sure is welcome. OneWorld was lagging behind Star Alliance in this regard, given that Star Alliance has long offered an extra piece of luggage or an extra 20kg.

So now as a OneWorld Emerald member you get an extra piece of luggage or an extra 20kg of luggage beyond what you’d otherwise be entitled to.

Kudos to OneWorld on this!

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  1. The most glaring omission from the list of “select key airports” is LHR, which at T5 only allows BA/IB elites in Y to use FastTrack security. Annoyingly the only airport on that list that stands out to me as one that did not already allow OW elites in Y access to FastTrack is TXL.

  2. I am still waiting for OW priority baggage handling perk. As it stands now you only get priority when flying with the airline you are a member of in their FF program with (obviously only needed as perk when you fly in Y). Puzzles me that OW does not offer priority baggage handling for their members!

  3. To celebrate Malaysia Airlines joining the oneworld alliance, Iberia are offering double Avios on all flights with Malaysia Airlines in all classes.

    “Buy and take your flights from 15th February to April 2013.” It’s not that clear when this promotion starts or ends. One assumes that if you book today (3rd Feb) and fly on 15th Feb you’ll be awarded double points.

    It’s likely that other oneworld members will be running the same promotion – BA Executive Club haven’t made any announcement yet.

  4. BrewerSEA is right: LHR is a major omission from the Fast Track airport benefit list. I use FT when flying in first class (provided the upgrade comes through. But it would be nice if all Emerald members going through LHR could enjoy the benefit regardless of class of service. LHR remains a huge, inconvenient liability to the OW program. I try to avoid it when possible. Unfortunately it is hard to do if you stay within OW. KLM’s now-discontinued DFW-AMS route was a much more convenient option, albeit outside OW.

  5. It’s all well if you are an Emerald member, but what if not? I am due to travel economy on the following code share JL/QF PER-SIN-NRT. My ticket only mentions JL 4-digit flight numbers on the PERSIN sector. I believe JL allows 30kg baggage allowance on its flights, yet QF .. 23 (what would you expect from such an airline..). My question is: which airline prevails JL or QF? I did not buy my tkt from QF but from JL. That a QF machine flies the first sector is not my problem, unfortunately JL gave up on that sector long time ago.. Something about competition, I believe.
    Anyway, some enlightenment would be welcome;

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