One Six Right — The Romance of Flying

I’ve been meaning to watch the documentary “One Six Right” forever. It has been recommended to me over and over and over, but my laziness always ends up getting the best of me. Well, in early December a friend passed on the DVD to me, so there were no more excuses. I finally got around to seeing it, and all I can say is “wow!”

“One Six Right” is a documentary about Van Nuys Airport and overall the beauty of flight. It’s great if you like history or just like airport and airplane shots, as the filming is amazing. The movie is just filled with passion, as is evident from all the interviews with pilots, air traffic controllers, and other airplane enthusiasts.

All too often I lose sight of the beauty of flight, which is what first drew me to aviation. It’s easy to do given that I’ve flown over 250,000 miles this year, but now when I think about it I don’t remember the last time I just gazed out of an airplane window for hours on end as I did back when I started. After watching this documentary, though, I think I’ll find myself truly enjoying the beauty of aviation a bit more.

So if you like airplanes, aviation, and history, this one’s for you!

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  1. The “94th Aero Squadron” restaurant looks out over the Van Nuys Airport. The menu is basically the same as “proud bird” as they have the same owner. Another cool feature besides the view of the runway is that they have “channel 9” at your table so you can listen while waiting for your food.

  2. I’ve been meaning to do a cross country to Van Nuys for two reasons: I need a 250 nm solo cross country for my commercial ticket and to land on 16R at VNY. The only reason I want to land there was because of the film.

    Personally, I love the scene where they have the DC-3 painted in UAL colors landing on 16R.

    I still thought that it was great that the director was filming the documentary in secret because he thought LAWA would be upset with his filming. Eventually, LAWA found out what he was doing and ended up supporting his efforts.

  3. Great watch, I got it on itunes and keep it on my hard drive to show people who don’t believe me that Daley had X’s carved in the meigs field runways in the middle of the night.

  4. Thanks for spreading the word about this beautiful film. I used to live in the shadow of VNY for much of my childhood. Before Amtrak was on my radar, even before I got behind the wheel of a car, my parents fulfilled my wish for a demo flying lesson. My instructor and I then spent many a Saturday using 16L. Rarely we’d get to take off or land on 16R, which was exciting just by the sheer scale. It was like playing with the big boys!

    I never did persist enough to solo, but seeing One Six Right sure made me want to recommit myself to doing so someday.

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